1st Edition

Environmental Management in Practice: Vol 3 Managing the Ecosystem

Edited By Paul Compton, Dimitri Devuyst, Luc Hens, Bhaskar Nath Copyright 1999

    Volume 3: Managing the Ecosystem focuses on those ecosystems in which human intervention has been or continues to be predominant, specifically within cities and rural areas.

    INTRODUCTION, Richard J.Huggett, Paul A.Compton; Chapter 1 COASTAL ENVIRONMENTS, Julian D.Orford; Chapter 2 COASTAL ENVIRONMENTS, SusanGubbay; Chapter 3 RIVER AND INLAND WATER ENVIRONMENTS, David N.Wilcock; Chapter 4 WETLANDS, P.Schot Paul; Chapter 5 UPLAND AND MOUNTAIN ENVIRONMENTS, Roy W. Tomlinson, Brian Whalley; Chapter 6 SAVANNAS, R.LaurieRobbins, Thomas A.Eddy; Chapter 7 DESERT MARGINS, J.SmithBernard; Chapter 8 TROPICAL FOREST ECOSYSTEMS, Fernando Dias deAvila-Pires; Chapter 9 WILDERNESS MANAGEMENT, BrunoKawasange; Chapter 10 RURAL ENVIRONMENTS, Pham Hoang Hai, Nguyen Ngoc Khanh; Chapter 11 URBAN ENVIRONMENTS, DimitriDevuyst; Chapter 12 THE ARCHAEOLOGICAL HERITAGE IN ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT, JozefBuys; Chapter 13 ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT OF LANDSCAPES, Bostjan Anko; Chapter 14 DISAPPEARING HUMAN ECOSYSTEMS, Lefèvre-Witier Philippe;


    Bhaskar Nathis Director of the European Centre for Pollution Research, London.
    Luc Hensis Professor and Head of the Human Ecology Department at the Free University of Brussels.
    Paul Comptonis an environmental and demographic consultant.
    Dimitri Devuystis Co-ordinator of the programme of Environmental Impact Assessment in the Department of Human Ecology, Free University of Brussels.