Environmental Marketing : Strategies, Practice, Theory, and Research book cover
1st Edition

Environmental Marketing
Strategies, Practice, Theory, and Research

ISBN 9781560249283
Published January 7, 1997 by Routledge
415 Pages

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Book Description

Environmental Marketing: Strategies, Practice, Theory, and Research is a timely resource for the 1990s. It examines a broad range of issues that affect environmental behavior while providing materials and guidance to marketing decisionmakers. It will guide your organization toward a decidedly “green” marketing movement, toward marketing concepts and tools that not only serve your organization's objectives but preserve and protect the environment as well.

Environmental Marketing clearly defines the potential roles of organizations, consumers, and governments and examines how these groups impact environmental factors through the marketing process. The book helps you understand alternative perspectives to green marketing issues and, in turn, enables you to make clearer, more conscious decisions toward improving your environmental marketing performance.

This resourceful text begins by defining the concept of environmental or “green” marketing and how the idea of a healthy planet and successful marketing strategies can co-exist. It discusses the consumer's behavior toward environmental products and how marketers can effectively educate them, the guidelines involved in doing so, and the consequences of failing to do so. The marketer's position on environmental changes in industry is examined along with alternatives for striking a balance between marketing objectives and environmental concerns. Finally, the book discusses the global response to environmental marketing and where multi-national organizations belong within this balance.

Environmental Marketing is a book for all managers involved in decisions impacting the environment. It is also of great interest to public policymakers and academics who wish for quick insight into environmental marketing issues.

Table of Contents


  • Preface
  • Section I: Introduction
  • Ecological Imperatives and the Role of Marketing
  • Section II: Re-Evaluating the Tenets of Marketing
  • The Eco-Marketing Orientation: An Emerging Business Philosophy
  • Environmental Marketing: Bridging the Divide Between the Consumption Culture and Environmentalism
  • Marketing's Linear-Hierarchical Underpinning and a Proposal for a Paradigm Shift in Values to Include the Environment
  • Section III: Profiling the Environmentally Conscious Consumer
  • An Examination of the Conserving Consumer: Implications for Public Policy Formation in Promoting Conservation Behavior
  • Eco-Attitudes and Eco-Behaviors in the New German States: A 1992 Perspective
  • Ecologically Concerned Consumers and Their Product Purchases
  • Implications of Understanding Basic Attitude Change Processes and Attitude Structure for Enhancing Pro-Environmental Behaviors
  • Section IV: Green-Based Product Trends
  • Green-Based Innovation: Sustainable Development in Product Management
  • Section V: What About Green Advertising
  • Cleaning Up Green Marketing Claims: A Practical Checklist
  • A Classification Schema for Environmental Advertising Claims: Implications for Marketers and Policy Makers
  • Section VI: Reverse Channel Systems
  • A Typology of Reverse Channel Systems for Post-Consumer Recyclables
  • Section VII: The Green Movement and Its Implications for Effective Marketing Strategy
  • Behaviors of Environmentally Concerned Firms: An Agenda for Effective Strategic Development
  • In Search of Market Segments for Green Products
  • Section VIII: Green Strategy and Public Policy
  • Voluntary Reaction to Green Policies Among Market-Mavens: An Application of the Parallel-Political Marketplace Conceptualization
  • Section IX: Greening Within the Context of Macro-Marketing
  • Green Marketing and Selling Brotherhood
  • Section X: An International Case Study
  • Environmental Issues in the Freight Transport Industry: A Qualitative Analysis of Key Stakeholders' Perceptions
  • Section XI: Some Conclusions
  • The Future of Environmental Marketing: Food for Thought
  • Index
  • Reference Notes Included

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