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Environmental Philosophies

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Philosophy, in its broadest sense, is an effort to comprehend the problems which puzzle us. Our responsibility for and attitude toward the environment is one such problem, which is now the subject of intense debate. Theorists and policy analysts often discuss environmental issues in the context of a more general understanding of what human beings are and how they are related to each other and to the rest of the world. So economists may argue that humans are basically consumers sending signals to each other by means of the market, while deep ecologists maintain that humans and other animals are knots in a larger web of biospheric relations.
This series examines the theories that lie behind different accounts of our environmental problems and their solution. It includes accounts of holism, feminism, green political themes and other structures of ideas through which people have tried to make sense of our environmental predicaments. The emphasis is on clarity, combined with a critical approach to the material under study.
The majority of authors are professional philosophers. Each has provided a clearly written, non-technical account of their topic. Environmental Philosophies is of interest to a wide range of readers - including philosophers, geographers, policy makers and all who care for our planet.

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Environmental Pragmatism

Environmental Pragmatism

1st Edition

Edited By Eric Katz, Andrew Light
March 27, 1996

Environmental pragmatism is a new strategy in environmental thought. It argues that theoretical debates are hindering the ability of the environmental movement to forge agreement on basic policy imperatives. This new direction in environmental thought moves beyond theory, advocating a serious ...

Faking Nature The Ethics of Environmental Restoration

Faking Nature: The Ethics of Environmental Restoration

1st Edition

By Robert Elliot
November 06, 1997

Faking Nature explores the arguments surrounding the concept of ecological restoration. This is a crucial process in the modern world and is central to companies' environmental policy; whether areas restored after ecological destruction are less valuable than before the damage took place. Elliot ...

Environmental Culture The Ecological Crisis of Reason

Environmental Culture: The Ecological Crisis of Reason

1st Edition

By Val Plumwood
December 28, 2001

In this much-needed account of what has gone wrong in our thinking about the environment, Val Plumwood digs at the roots of environmental degradation. She argues that we need to see nature as an end itself, rather than an instrument to get what we want. Using a range of examples, Plumwood presents ...

Why Posterity Matters Environmental Policies and Future Generations

Why Posterity Matters: Environmental Policies and Future Generations

1st Edition

By Avner De-Shalit
April 24, 1995

Why Posterity Matters is the first comprehensive philosophical examination of our duties to future generations. It appears at a time when it is becoming increasingly obvious that we can no longer exploit the environment without causing risks for posterity.Dr de-Shalit argues that our obligations ...

The Struggle For Nature A Critique of Environmental Philosophy

The Struggle For Nature: A Critique of Environmental Philosophy

1st Edition

By Jozet Keulartz
February 10, 1999

The Struggle for Nature outlines and examines the main aspects of current environmental philosophy including deep ecology, social and political ecology, eco-feminism and eco-anarchism. It criticises the dependency on science of these philosophies and the social problems engendered by them. The ...

Ecology, Policy and Politics Human Well-Being and the Natural World

Ecology, Policy and Politics: Human Well-Being and the Natural World

1st Edition

By John O'Neill
October 25, 1993

Revealing flaws in both 'green' and market-based approaches to environmental policy, O'Neill develops an Aristotolian account of well-being. He examines the implications for wider issues involving markets, civil society an...

Ecological Feminism

Ecological Feminism

1st Edition

Edited By Karen J. Warren
October 31, 1994

This anthology is the first such collection to focus on the exclusively philosophical aspects of ecological feminism. It addresses basic questions about the conceptual underpinnings of `women-nature' connections, and emphasises the importance of seeing sexism and the exploitation of the environment...

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