1st Edition

Environmental Philosophy
Reason, Nature and Human Concern

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ISBN 9781902683218
Published August 30, 2001 by Routledge
336 Pages


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Book Description

This introduction to the philosophy of the environment examines current debates on how we should think about the natural world and our place within it. The subject is examined from a determinedly analytic philosophical perspective, focusing on questions of value, but taking in attendant issues in epistemology and metaphysics as well. The book begins by considering the nature, extent and origin of the environmental problems with which we need to be concerned. Chapters go on to consider familiar strategies for dealing with environmental problems, and then consider what sort of things are of direct moral concern, examining in turn at animals, non-sentient life-forms, natural but non-living things and deep ecology. The final part of the book investigates notions of value, natural beauty and the place of human beings in the scheme of things.

Table of Contents

Introduction 1. Problems 2. Causes 3. Solutions I: Voting and Pricing 4. Solutions II: Moral Theory 5. Animals 6. Life 7. Rivers, Species, Land 8. Deep Ecology 9. Value 10. Beauty 11. Human Beings Afterword Appendices Notes Bibliography Index

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