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Environmental Politics

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Over recent years environmental politics has moved from a peripheral interest to a central concern within the discipline of politics. This series aims to reinforce this trend through the publication of books that investigate the nature of contemporary environmental politics and show the centrality of environmental politics to the study of politics per se. The series understands politics in a broad sense and books will focus on mainstream issues such as the policy process and new social movements as well as emerging areas such as cultural politics and political economy. Books in the series will analyse contemporary political practices with regards to the environment and/or explore possible future directions for the ‘greening’ of contemporary politics. The series will be of interest not only to academics and students working in the environmental field, but will also demand to be read within the broader discipline.

The series consists of two strands:

Environmental Politics addresses the needs of students and teachers, and the titles are published in paperback and hardback.

Routledge Research in Environmental Politics presents innovative new research intended for high-level specialist readership. These titles are published in hardback only.

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Security and Climate Change International Relations and the Limits of Realism

Security and Climate Change: International Relations and the Limits of Realism

1st Edition

By Mark Lacy
October 22, 2007

This new book explains why the international community has responded with a sense of fatalistic passivity to climate change. It presents a distinct critique of realism through the study of this topic, commonly overlooked in international relations. The author argues that the realist view rests on ...

Russia and the West Environmental Co-operation and Conflict

Russia and the West: Environmental Co-operation and Conflict

1st Edition

By Geir Hønneland
April 14, 2011

Hønneland assesses current environmental discourses and applies this analysis to look at the relations between Russia and the West with regards to environment problems. It includes three in-depth case-studies on environmental problems, living marine resources, nuclear safety and air pollution....

Postmodern Climate Change

Postmodern Climate Change

1st Edition

By Leigh Glover
February 02, 2011

A much-needed analysis of international climate change politics as a key issue of modernity and in the context of environmentalism. Leigh Glover presents a new way to understand the climate change problem and is concerned with problems of modernity and postmodernity in the context of ...

Global Justice and Neoliberal Environmental Governance Ethics, Sustainable Development and International Co-Operation

Global Justice and Neoliberal Environmental Governance: Ethics, Sustainable Development and International Co-Operation

1st Edition

By Chukwumerije Okereke
September 30, 2010

This book is an ethical critique of existing approaches to sustainable development and international environmental cooperation, providing a detailed and structured account of the tensions, normative shifts and contradictions that currently characterize it. With specific focus on three ...

The Environment and International Politics International Fisheries, Heidegger and Social Method

The Environment and International Politics: International Fisheries, Heidegger and Social Method

1st Edition

By Hakan Seckinelgin
December 10, 2009

This new study shows how environmental issues represent a deep problem in conceptualising the relationship between human beings and nature. This key relationship grounds the implicit ethical and political concerns of International Relations and our understandings of ...

Contemporary Environmental Politics From Margins to Mainstream

Contemporary Environmental Politics: From Margins to Mainstream

1st Edition

Edited By Piers Stephens, John Barry, Andrew Dobson
February 27, 2009

This new collection from the leading journal, Environmental Politics, presents an excellent overview of the key themes found in contemporary green political thought since the early 1990s. Bringing together the journal's major work, this new book charts a fascinating period in which ...

Sustainable Consumption, Ecology and Fair Trade

Sustainable Consumption, Ecology and Fair Trade

1st Edition

Edited By Edwin Zaccaï
October 02, 2008

This timely volume discusses the debates concerning sustainable consumption and the environment. Sustainable consumption stands as a wide objective that attracts a growing attention within sustainable development policy circles and academic research. The contributors examine a range of interesting...

The Crisis of Global Environmental Governance Towards a New Political Economy of Sustainability

The Crisis of Global Environmental Governance: Towards a New Political Economy of Sustainability

1st Edition

Edited By Jacob Park, Ken Conca, Matthias Finger
May 14, 2008

More than twenty years after the Bruntland Commission report, Our Common Future, we have yet to secure the basis for a serious approach to global environmental governance. The failed 2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development showed the need for a new approach to globalization and sustainability....

The Politics of GM Food A Comparative Study of the UK, USA and EU

The Politics of GM Food: A Comparative Study of the UK, USA and EU

1st Edition

By Dave Toke
October 22, 2007

'Why have GM Foods become so controversial? Comparing GM food politics in the US, Britain, and the European Union, Toke draws on insights from discourse analysis to help explain this basic political struggle of our time. By stressing the interplay between the material and discursive dimensions ...

EU Enlargement and the Environment Institutional Change and Environmental Policy in Central and Eastern Europe

EU Enlargement and the Environment: Institutional Change and Environmental Policy in Central and Eastern Europe

1st Edition

Edited By JoAnn Carmin, Stacy D. VanDeveer
January 20, 2005

This volume focuses attention on key environmental and institutional changes associated with eastern expansion of the European Union, assessing and challenging prevailing views about the outcomes and processes of this historic development. Looking at four central themes -- capacity changes and ...

New Instruments of Environmental Governance? National Experiences and Prospects

New Instruments of Environmental Governance?: National Experiences and Prospects

1st Edition

Edited By Andrew Jordan, Rudiger K.W. Wurzel, Anthony R. Zito
August 30, 2003

The use of so-called "new" environmental policy instruments such as eco-taxes, tradable permits, voluntary agreements and eco-labels has prompted widespread claims that these devices have replaced regulation. These papers offer a fresh perspective on the evolving tool-box of environmental policy....

Environmental Policy in Europe The Europeanization of National Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy in Europe: The Europeanization of National Environmental Policy

1st Edition

Edited By Andrew J. Jordan, Duncan Liefferink
August 02, 2004

The continuing development of the European Union (EU) is transforming policy and politics in its member countries, and possibly in an even larger number of potential members. This book offers a detailed investigation of the Europeanization of national environmental policy in ten western European ...

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