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Environmental Politics

About the Series

Over recent years environmental politics has moved from a peripheral interest to a central concern within the discipline of politics. This series aims to reinforce this trend through the publication of books that investigate the nature of contemporary environmental politics and show the centrality of environmental politics to the study of politics per se. The series understands politics in a broad sense and books will focus on mainstream issues such as the policy process and new social movements as well as emerging areas such as cultural politics and political economy. Books in the series will analyse contemporary political practices with regards to the environment and/or explore possible future directions for the ‘greening’ of contemporary politics. The series will be of interest not only to academics and students working in the environmental field, but will also demand to be read within the broader discipline.

The series consists of two strands:

Environmental Politics addresses the needs of students and teachers, and the titles are published in paperback and hardback.

Routledge Research in Environmental Politics presents innovative new research intended for high-level specialist readership. These titles are published in hardback only.

40 Series Titles

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Europe, Globalization and Sustainable Development

Europe, Globalization and Sustainable Development

1st Edition

Edited By John Barry, Brian Baxter, Richard Dunphy
April 09, 2004

This edited volume considers the ways in which European states and the European Union can and should organize themselves economically and socially in order to address the challenges of sustainable development. It will interest students and researchers of environmental policy and European politics....

International Relations Theory and Ecological Thought Towards a Synthesis

International Relations Theory and Ecological Thought: Towards a Synthesis

1st Edition

By Eric Laferrière, Peter J. Stoett
April 16, 1999

Ecological crises have never been higher on the international political agenda. However, ecological thought and international relations theory have developed as separate disciplines. This ground-breaking study looks at the relationship between ecological thought and international relations theory ...

Deliberative Democracy and the Environment

Deliberative Democracy and the Environment

1st Edition

By Graham Smith
July 18, 2003

Contemporary democracies are frequently criticized for failing to respond adequately to environmental problems and our political institutions are often charged with misrepresenting environmental values in decision-making processes. In this innovative volume, Graham Smith argues that the enhancement...

Planning Sustainability

Planning Sustainability

1st Edition

Edited By Michael Kenny, James Meadowcroft
October 20, 1999

Environmental sustainability has become one of the most salient issues on the policy agenda of nation-states. This book argues that planning is seldom credited by advocates of environmental politics. The authors, leading scholars in the field, explore the relationship between environmental ...

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