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Environmental Protection and Sustainable Ecological Development
Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Environmental Protection and Sustainable Ecological Development (EPSED 2014), Wuhan, Hubei, China, October 24-26, 2014

ISBN 9781138026834
Published June 18, 2015 by CRC Press
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Book Description

This volume contains the papers presented at the 2014 International Conference on Environmental Protection and Sustainable Ecological Development (EPSED2014). The contributions cover the latest research results and explore new areas of research and development, like Earth Science, Resource Management, Environmental Protection, and Sustainable Ecological Development issues, and will be invaluable to academics and professionals interested or involved in these fields.

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Earth science and environmental protection
The main source of agricultural non-point source pollution in the Yellow River and the classification of control measures
Y. Hu, Q. Li & W. Chen
Comparison of three mixed acid digestion methods for the accurate determination of heavy metal concentration in contaminated soil
Y.M. Li, X.Y. Zhou, J. Yang, Y.X. Sun & S.Q. Liao
Optimization research of air distribution with stratified air-conditioning in a large space building
N. Pei, L. Wang, Z. Chang & G. Lv
The spatial structure of urban-rural system and influence pattern in Shiyang River Basin
W. Wei, P. Shi, J. Zhou & B. Xie
Long-term effects on plasma androgen and antioxidative enzymes in testis after exposure to bisphenol A in male zebrafish (Danio rerio)
H. Xu, X. Dong, Z. Zhang & X. Wu
Study on purification effects of nitrogen and phosphorus by constructed wetlands system in Xi’an
Q. Zhang, B. Shen, Q. Quan & J.K. Li
Environmental problem analyses for cross border territories of former Soviet Union countries
N. Mavlyanova, I. Denisov & V. Lipatov
Screening of sulfide-oxidizing bacteria from sea cucumber breeding pond sediment
D.S. Zhang, H. Li, Y. Liu & J. Song
Performance of biological activated carbon treating norfloxacin from aqueous solutions
X.D. Fan & X.K. Zhang
Land use/land cover prediction based on land change modeler approach
Y.Z. Shi, M.Y. Fan, H.J. Liu & X.F. Yang
Research on fusion methods of TH-1 image
Y. Zheng, Y. Song & X. Jia
Influence of temperature and initial concentration on adsorption behavior of Cu(II) from aqueous solution by purified attapulgite
J. Ren, D. Gou, F. Zhang, L. Tao & M. Zhang
Performance test and analysis of vehicle equipment’s horizontal earth electrodes under lightning environment
X.-B. Qu, B.-H. Zhou, Y.-P. Fu, B. Liu & J.-P. Chen
Resource management and sustainable ecological development. Effects of sand burial on growth and physiology of Anabasis aphylla in desert-oasis ecotone of south Junggar Basin, NW China
M. Wang & G.M. Chu
Root morphological and physiological responses of Alhagi sparsifolia to drought stress in the lower reaches of the Tarim River, China
X. Ma, R. Zhang & M. Wang
Effective method of permeability study in unsurveyed area
N. Zhang, X.H. Su & H. Jiang
Analysis of urban expansion and landscape characteristics in Shiyang River Basin—taking Liangzhou District of Wuwei city in China as an example
W. Wei, P. Shi, J. Zhou, B. Xie & L. Lei
Urban ecosystem services valuation: Progress and challenges
L. Zhang, H. Cao, J. Li & L. Qu
The viability of Sloping Land Conversion Program: A case study from China
H. Han
A comparative study of NDVI change in Shendong coalfield based on GIMMS dataset
C. Ma, S. Tian, S. Xie, N. Zhao & Y. Yang
Ecosystem services valuation with a socio-economic perspective: Case from Hubei, China
L. Zhang, L. Qu & Y. Gao
The legislation of Chinese energy and sustainable development
X. Chen & J. Chen
Analysis of landscape pattern change about grassland in Qinghai Lake Basin from 1987 to 2010
X. Zhang, K.-L. Chen, J.-M. Wang & Y.-H. Mao
Low carbon urbanization development based on multiple objective programming
G.-H. Wu, J. Mu & H.-S. Li
Comparison of adoptive reuse of industrial buildings
W. Gao, S.H. Wang, K. Yuan, D. Tong, X. Wan, G. Yu & J. Wang
Study of safety evaluation on water resources
W. Sun, N. Dong, A. Tian & A. Tian
Hydrological processes of water resource conservation forest
E. Liu
Simulation of water droplet trajectory in icing research of aircraft
Z.-H. Zhou, X. Yi, Y.-W. Gui & J.-M. Qu
The case study of vacuum preloading to reinforce soft soil foundation for expressway
Y. Zhuang & S.-B. Li
Transient thermal analysis of the rotational tubby eddy current brake
X.-J. Yang
Sustainable development of China’s rare earth resources
K. Zhou & Y.-J. Teng
Fire danger of interaction processes between local heat sources and condensed substances
D.O. Glushkov, A.A. Shcherbinina & P.A. Strizhak
Experimental analysis of the feasibility of polydisperse droplet water flow using at fire extinguishing
P.A. Strizhak, R.S. Volkov & O.V. Vysokomornaya
Experimental study on combustion characteristics of sludge
H.-B. Lu, J. Yang & G.-Q. Su
Evaluation of safety signs’ effectiveness on the construction project scene based on cognitive process
Q. Jia, X.-H. Zhou & X.-G. Zhu
On theory of road slab design to resist frost-heave force caused by frozen roadbed in seasonal frost regions
L. Song, L. Gao & B. Li
Research on filtration efficiency of the wet fiber layer for mine dust
X.-S. Chen, Y.-L. Zhang & Y.-H. Wang
Sterilization of clothing infected by bacillus subtilis var. niger spore using disinfectant sparying coupled with heat effect
Z.-G. Li, H.-L. Zhou & H.-J. Zhao
Application of horizontal well multi-stage fracturing model in low-permeability gas reservoir
Z.-L. Gao, T.-M. Yang & H.-F. Fan
Studies on gold nanorods-antibody against melanoma targeted tumor cell
L.-H. Zhao, Z.-J. Shen, H.-N. Zhao & D.-M. Han
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