1st Edition

Environmental Science and Information Application Technology Proceedings of the 2014 5th International Conference on Environmental Science and Information Application Technology (ESIAT 2014), Hong Kong, November 7-8, 2014

Edited By David Chan Copyright 2015

    Environmental Science and Information Application Technology contains selected papers from the 2014 5th International Conference on Environmental Science and Information Application Technology (ESIAT 2014, Hong Kong, 7-8 November 2014). The book covers a wide variety of topics:  

    - Global Environmental Change and Ecosystems Management

    - Graphic and Image Processing

    - Spatial Information Systems

    - Application of Remote Sensing and Application of Spatial Information Systems

    Environmental Science and Information Application Technology will be invaluable to academics and professionals interested and/or involved in these fields.

    ESIAT 2014 Organizing Committee
    The size spectrum predation pressure on the pico-level micro food loop community in the Southern Yellow Sea
    P. Qu, M. Pang, Z. Wang, X. Pu & X. Tang
    Study of scope of intelligent green building project management definition
    A.P. Chang, T.J. Chu, C.L. Hwang & J.D. Lin
    Peak mean square error indicator biometric analysis in the study of fingerprints
    J. Peksinski, G. Mikolajczak & J. Kowalski
    Identification of potential emission source of airborne benzene in Maptaphut industrial area, Thailand
    N. Saeaw & S. Thepanondh
    Water quality and TMDL determinations for the Chaopraya River, Thailand
    N. Singkran
    The study of soil remediation objectives based on the human risk assessment—a case study of PAH -contaminated soil in Nanjing
    N. Liu, X. Sun, X. Qian & H. Fan
    Co-biodegradation of phenolic compounds of coke wastewater by two bacteria
    J. Cai & D. Du
    Analysis on dynamic evolution and driving force of land-use landscape in Shandan County
    G.C. Qi, C. W. Tang, P.P. Zhou, N. Wu, M. Guo & C.W. Tang
    Accumulated sand-belt along the oasis fringe and its ecological significance in Hexi of Gansu
    Z.F. Chang, Q.Q. Wang, J.H. Zhang, S.J. Zhu, B.L. Fan, J.N. Tang, D.B. Zhang, S.Z. Liu, A.D. Li & G.Z. Zhang
    The revelation of the experience of urban water landscape used in leisure tourism of the United States to China
    L. Zhang, Y. Feng, G. Li & X. Liu
    The Information model for traffic at the service of sustainable development of tourism in Dubrovacko-Neretvanska County 2014–2020
    V. Vidučic, D. Boras, R. Mulić & J. Žanić Mikuličić
    Comparative analysis of payment for ecosystem services and opportunity cost in the sloping land conversion program
    H. Guo & W. Wang
    Bathymetry generation for the Vaal Dam, South Africa
    A. Chinyama, J. Snyman, G. M. Ochieng & I. Nhapi
    The effect of antibiotic prophylaxis on tension free inguinal herniorrhaphy: A meta-analysis
    H. Chang, H. Wang, Z. Chen, J. Liang & X. Tian
    Effects of BTA s on China: Promoting carbon emission abatement or a harm for economy?
    C. Zheng
    The research on the classification and value of hubei wetland ecosystem tourism resources
    H. Liu, J. Luo, T. Zhang, Y. Zhang & Y. Wu
    A hybrid image coding method based on fractal code and BTC
    H. Li, S. Wang & F. Li
    A tool for the efficient acquisition and validation of dendrometric data
    K.E. Guemhioui, P. Deschamps & T. Frascari
    Novel image blur assessment based on relative comparison
    G. Liu, F. Yang & Y. Zhang
    Image Quality Assessment based on Sudoku for Feature-similarity Metric
    G. Liu, Y. Zhang, F. Yang & X. Yang
    The decision-making system design for the emergence governance of water bloom in reservoirs
    Y. Bai, X. Wang, S. Wang, Q. Zhu & J. Xu
    Optimization of air quality monitoring sites based on application of multi‑information
    Y.W. Qin, Y. Qian & T.T. Rong
    Moving image experiment in human behavior and experience design of public space
    Y. Shen & P. Li
    Can co-seismic landslide susceptibility predict subsequent landslides after major earthquake?
    T. Miao & M. Wang
    Changings of some physical properties of different low-density polyethylene films during the useful life
    N.Y. Emekli, K. Buyuktas & A. Bascetincelik
    Volatile Fatty Acids (VFA s) production from Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME) fermentation
    S. Chinwetkitvanich & H. Jaikawna
    Building a prototype of middleware using windows communication foundations
    H. Yi, L. J.-G. Doong & M.-Y. Hsieh
    Producing flood-forecasting messages on the basis of landmarks
    Y.H. Chang, Y.T. Liu & W.C. Hung
    Research of parallel programming techniques for the hierarchical model based on clusters of SMPs
    Y.-z. Zhu, J.-g. Yu & B.-x. Cao
    Estimation of CO2 emission from marine traffic in Singapore Straits using Automatic Identification Systems data
    S. C. Leong, C. A. Hargreaves (PhD), P. Singhal & J. Yuan (PhD)
    An improved static B+ tree index adaptive to cloud environment for analytic application
    M. Wan, C. Ren & D. Zhang
    Salivary bisphenol-A level detected by ELISA after restoration with resin-based dental sealant
    J.-B. Kim, J.-I. Jung & D.-H. Han
    Monitoring of oil pollution in coastal water by using the radar of vessel traffic system
    Y. Yang, Y. Li, Y. Yang & J. Ma
    The application of ALOS images and GIS technology on landslide information extraction
    in Yanbian area 203
    Q. Yu, F. Rui, Z. Feng & C. He
    Estimation of air-sea carbon flux in the western arctic ocean using in-situ and remotely sensed data
    S. Xu, L. Chen & H. Chen
    Heterogeneous network data acquisition and storage solution in cloud environment
    C. Ren, J. Yang, W. Mao & D. Zhang
    Mapping coseismic landslide damaged buildings during the 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake in rural mountainous area
    W. Yang, M. Wang, P. Shi,C.J. van Westen & N. Kerle
    Performance evaluation of AERMOD air dispersion model in Maptaphut industrial area, Thailand
    N. Jittra & S. Thepanondh
    A study of AERMOD tiering approach for prediction of nitrogen dioxide in Maptaphut industrial area, Thailand
    S. Tunlathorntham & S. Thepanondh
    Vertical farming with LED lighting——a new self-sustaining green industry
    E. B. Stoneham & C. Cheng
    Research on integrated navigation technology by using EPF federated filter
    H. Hu, A. Zhang, C. Wang & P. Fu
    A method based on permutation entropy for instantaneous voltage disturbances signal de-noising and location
    Y. Zhang, J. Wu & Y. Gong
    Suppressing periodic narrowband noise in partial discharge signal using EEMD and KICA
    Y. Zhang & J. Wu
    Measurement method of the dielectric loss angle based on the improved ITD-LS
    Y. Zhang, L. Qi, Y. Zhang & J. Wu
    The inter-harmonic detection base on improved ITD-LS combined with singular value difference spectral
    Y. Zhang, Y. Zhang & J. Wu
    The sub-synchronous resonance modal identification method research based on matrix pencil algorithm combined with stabilization diagram
    Y. Zhang, Y. Zhang & J. Wu
    SSR detection method based on normalized adaptive stochastic resonance
    Y. Zhang, Y. Zhang & J. Wu
    Analysis of the cloud accounting on the financial management
    Y. Zhang, X. Su, L. Xie & Y. Zhong
    Literature review on online social networks
    X. Zhao, H. Liu & Y. Xie
    GIS and 3D cadastre in land registration of the electrical networks
    E.C. Bobric & D. Irimia
    Factor evaluation model based on entropy method and spearman correlation analysis and ISODATA clustering algorithm
    Z. Wang, C. Sun, Z. Liu & H. Liu
    Applying virtual reality technology in swimming teaching
    T. Liao
    Design and analysis of a fast approximation algorithm for multi-modal emergency evacuation routes in the 3D environment
    C.T. Ng, T.C.E. Cheng, A. Elalouf & E. Levner
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