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    First published in 1983. This book aims to cover the requirements for the Business and Technician Education Council Level Three & Four Units in Environmental Science. At the same time it was recognised that there was a real need for a suitable book for those studying Building, Quantity Surveying, Architecture and Environmental Health at 1st degree level. This book should therefore form a useful first year introductory text for both ‘A’ level and BTEC entrants. The book contains a large number of worked examples in the text as well as many student questions at the end of each chapter. Experiments have been included, not with the intention of being exhaustive, but to give ideas. Some areas of work lend themselves to student practical work better than others so that some inbalance is inevitable. ‘Environmental Science’ should give students an introduction to the environmental problems in construction and the methods which may be used to provide a satisfactory and economic solution.

    Section I Heat and thermal effects Chapter 1 Thermal transmission Chapter 2 Thermal comfort Chapter 3 Condensation Section II Sound Chapter 4 Sound and its measurement Chapter 5 Room acoustics Chapter 6 Transmission of sound Chapter 7 The effects of noise on man Section III Light Chapter 8 Artificial lighting Chapter 9 Daylighting Chapter 10 Illumination for human comfort Section IV Chapter 11 Fire Section V Chapter 12 Climate effects


    B.J. Smith, G.M. Phillips, M. Sweeney