1st Edition

Environmental and Safety Auditing Program Strategies for Legal, International, and Financial Issues

By Unhee Kim Copyright 1996
    240 Pages
    by CRC Press

    This is a complete and concise guide to creating and managing a successful environmental audit program. It provides step-by-step guidance on setting up an audit program for nearly every major component of environmental concern, from air standards to workplace safety, and from effluent discharge to waste handling and disposal.

    Controversies of Auditing
    Risk and Benefit
    Voluntary versus Mandatory Program
    Self-Evaluation Privilege
    The Auditing Climate

    The Benefits and Risks of Auditing
    Benefits of Auditing
    Risks of Auditing

    Federal Agency Positions and Perspectives
    Department of Justice
    Environmental Protection Agency
    Auditing and Enforcement at Federal Facilities

    Private Sector Initiatives and Position
    Industry Survey
    International Standards Organization
    British Standards Institute and the Environmental Auditors Registration Association
    Chemical Manufacturers Association
    International Chamber of Commerce and Global Environmental Management Initiative
    Environmental Auditing Roundtable
    Coalition of Environmentally Responsible Economies
    Corporate Environmental Enforcement Council
    American Petroleum Institute
    Other Organizations

    Legal Perspectives on Environmental, Health, and Safety Auditing
    Concerns About Disclosure and Privilege
    Traditional Common-Law Privileges
    Federal Government Response
    The State Legislators Respond
    Major Case Histories
    Enforcement Statistics
    Occupational Safety and Health Administration

    Audit Program Issues
    Commentary on Getting a Program Started
    Audit Program Issues

    Audit Relevant Regulations
    Occupational Safety and Health Act
    Clean Air Act
    Clean Water Act
    Oil Pollution Control Act
    Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act
    Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act
    Pollution Prevention Act
    Resource Conservation and Recovery Act
    Toxic Substances Control Act
    Endangered Species Act
    Other Acts
    National Environmental Policy Act and Environmental Quality Improvement Act
    Executive Orders

    International Standards Organization 14000 Requirements for Auditing
    Requirements of an Audit Program
    Auditor Qualification

    Security Exchange Commission
    Environmental Advantages
    Industry Practice and Required Disclosures
    Security Exchange Commission Guidance

    International Audits
    International Regulations and Resources
    Comments on International Auditing

    Appendix A: Environmental Protection Agency Policy
    Environmental Auditing Policy Statement
    Clarification on Policies Related to Environmental Auditing
    Incentives for Self-Policing: Discovery, Disclosure, Correction, and Prevention of Violations

    Appendix B: International Standards Organization Draft Standards
    ISO/CD 14010.2 "Guidelines for Environmental Auditing - General Principles of Environmental Auditing"
    ISO/CD 14011/1.2 "Guidelines for Environmental Auditing - Audit Procedures - Part 1: Auditing of Environmental Management Systems"
    ISO/CD 14012.2 "Guidelines for Environmental Auditing - Qualification Criteria for Environmental Auditors"

    Appendix C: Organizational Structure of ISO 14000/TC 207: Environmental Management and United States Participation Chart

    Appendix D: Glossary



    Unhee Kim