1st Edition

Environmentalism The View from Anthropology

By Kay Milton Copyright 1993
    252 Pages
    by Routledge

    256 Pages
    by Routledge

    Located in a wide spectrum of current research and practice, from analyses of green ideology and imagery, enviromental law and policy, and local enviromental activism in the West to ethnographic studies of relationships between humans and their enviroments in hunter/gatherer societies, Enviromentalism: The View from Anthropology offers an original perspective on what is probably the best-known issue of the late twentieth century.
    It will be particularly useful to all social scientists interested in environmentalism and human ecology, to environmental policy-makers and to undergraduates, lecturers and researchers in social anthropology, development studies and sociology.

    Preface Introduction: Enviromentalism and Anthropology Kay Milton 1. Enviromentalism: A new moral discourse for technological society? Robin Grove-White 2. Globes and Spheres: the topology of enviromentalism Tim Ingold 3. Between science and shamanism: the advocacy of enviromentalism in Toronto Peter Harries-Jones 4. Standing in for nature: the practicalitites of environmental organisations use of science Steven Yearly 5. All animals are equal but some are cetaceans: conversation and culture conflict Niels Einarsson 6. The making of an environmental doctrine: public trust and American shellfisherman Bonnie J.McCay 7. The precautionary principle: use with caution! Lynda M.Warren 8. Tribal metaphorization of man-nature relatedness: a comparitive analysis Nurit Bird-David 9. Rhetoric, Practice and incentive in the face of the changing times: a case study in Nuaulu attitudes to conservation and deforestation Roy Ellen 10. Natural symbols and natural history: Chimpanzees, elephants and experiments in Mende thought Paul Richards 11. Local awareness of the soil environment in Papua New Guinea Highlands Paul Sillitoe 12. Political decision-making: environmentalism, ethics and popular participation in Italy Giuliana B. Prato 13. Enviromental protest, bureaucratic closure: the politics of discourse in rural Ireland Adrian Peace 14. Eating green(s): discourses of organic food Allison James 15. The resurgence of romanticism: contemporary neopaganism, feminist spiritually and the divinity of nature Tanya M. Luhrmann


    Kay Milton

    `Here anthropologists, long marginal to this area of work, add their distinctive voices to the debates on environmentalism and the quest for a more viable future. ... These conversations on conservation force us to reflect on the rhetoric on the international environmental movement and ponder the plight of those denied a voice in the environmental culture wars of the late twentieth century. They are also just plain fun to read. Index, chapter-end references.' - Population & Development Review