1st Edition

Enzymes in Detergency

Edited By Jan H. van Ee, Onno Misset Copyright 1997

    Offers an integrated overview of enzyme use in household detergents, from product development and manufacturing to safety and health-related issues. The text details the major types of enzymes, structure-function relationships, life cycle analyses, protein-engineering techniques, cleaning mechanisms, and past, present and future applications.

    Enzymes in detergency, past to present: historical overview; detergent enzymes' market; enzymes - their applications and biochemical characterization. Enzymes in HDDs. Proteases: application of proteases in detergents; development of new proteases for detergents. Lipases: application of lipases in detergents; development of new lipases. Cellulases: application of cellulases that contribute to colour revival and softening in detergents; developments of new cellulases. Amylases: application of amylases in detergents; development of new amylases. Enzymes in automatic-dishwashing detergents: application of enzyme in automatic-dishwashing detergents. Manufacturing and safety aspects of detergents enzymes: manufacturing and downstream processing of detergent enzymes; formulation of detergent enzymes; worker safety - how to establish site enzyme capability; life cycle assessment of proteases used in detergents. Future developments: outlook and expectations.


    Jan H. van Ee, Onno Misset