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    250 Pages
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    What is the prevalence of insomnia in a particular age group, in men and women, or in Caucasians and African Americans? What is the average total sleep time among normal sleepers among these groups? How does the sleep of Caucasians and African Americans differ? These are just some of the questions addressed in The Epidemiology of Sleep.

    This new book presents the most detailed and comprehensive archive of normal and abnormal sleep patterns. Based on a landmark study supported by the National Institute on Aging, 772 subjects from a host of populations including men, women, and various age and ethnic groups, prepared detailed sleep diaries for a two-week period. The use of these sleep diaries yielded a plethora of data on such characteristics as normal sleep patterns, various forms of insomnia, fatigue, depression, anxiety, and daytime sleepiness differentiated by age, sex, and ethnicity. The results generated by these data, charted in the book's numerous tables and graphs, provide a critical methodological advance in the sleep literature.

    The Epidemiology of Sleep opens with an overview of the rationale and unique characteristics of the study. This is followed by a comprehensive review of the existing epidemiological literature on sleep. Chapter three presents a detailed description of the methods used in the survey followed by meticulous information on the epidemiology of normal and insomnia sleep, that is unparalleled in the literature. Chapter six provides an archive of sleep patterns among African Americans. The book concludes with a discussion and interpretation of the most interesting findings.

    This insightful study, coupled with the comprehensive review of the existing literature on the epidemiology of sleep, make this volume an invaluable resource for sleep researchers, clinicians, health and clinical psychologists, gerontologists, epidemiologists, and advanced students.

    Contents: Goals and Distinctive Characteristics of This Survey. A Review of Epidemiological Studies of Insomnia and Sleep. Methods of This Survey. An Archive of Normal Sleep. An Archive of Insomnia. An Archive of the Sleep of African Americans. Summary of Main Findings. Appendix: Alphabetical Listing of Abbreviations and Acronyms.


    Authored by Lichstein, Kenneth L.; Durrence, H. Heith; Riedel, Brant W.; Taylor, Daniel J.; Bush, Andrew J.

    "This is an interesting compilation of the authors' research data together with a literature review on self-reported insomnia through 2002....it fills an important niche in the epidemiological study of sleep -- these rich survey questionnaire data should satisfy the appetite of clinicians and researchers alike, and point the way toward further work in understanding sleep and refining methods for studying it."

    Doody's Notes

    "...the authors thoughtfully explain their choice of measures, methods, and the rationale for data analyses. The book is logically well organized....is a significant contribution to the field of sleep research and a useful reference for clinicians."

    American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis

    "I am excited by these data and by this whole project. There is no doubt that this book will be sought after by the scientific and clinical community who work with people with sleep disorders."
    Colin A. Espie
    University of Glasgow

    "My impression is that this book will likely grace the bookshelves of everyone that seeks to behaviorally treat patients with sleep disorders."
    Michael Perlis
    Sleep Research Laboratory, University of Rochester