1st Edition

Episodic Memory and Healthy Ageing A Special Issue of Memory

Edited By Chris Moulin, Moshe Naveh-Benjamin, Celine Souchay Copyright 2009
    124 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    A characteristic feature of the aging process is a decline in episodic memory, that form of memory related to a particular time and place in an individual’s personal history. This volume gathers together articles by leaders in the field exploring aging and episodic memory in healthy adults. These articles provide interesting and novel findings on different aspects of episodic memory, including patterns of decline and sparing, heterogeneity in older adults’ memory performance, and cognitive and non-cognitive factors that potentially improve older adults’ memory performance. This volume presents a state of the art account of episodic memory function in older adults.

    M. Naveh-Benjamin, C. Souchay, C.J.A. Moulin, Editorial. D. Clarys, A. Bugaiska, G. Tapia, A. Baudoin, Ageing, Remembering, and Executive Function. Y.L. Shing, M. Werkle-Bergner, S. Li, U. Lindenberger, Committing Memory Errors with High Confidence: Older Adults Do But Children Don’t. M. Naveh-Benjamin, Y.L. Shing, A. Kilb, M. Werkle-Bergner, U. Lindenberger, S. Li, Adult Age Differences in Memory for Name-face Associations: The Effects of Intentional and Incidental Learning. H. Beaunieux, V. Hubert, A.L. Pitel, B. Desgranges, F. Eustache, Episodic Memory Deficits Slow Down the Dynamics of Cognitive Procedural Learning in Normal Ageing. E. Antonova, D. Parslow, M. Brammer, G.R. Dawson, S.H.D. Jackson, R.G. Morris, Age-related Neural Activity During Allocentric Spatial Memory. E.L. Glisky, M.J. Marquine, Semantic and Self-referential Processing of Positive and Negative Trait Adjectives in Older Adults. E.A. Kensinger, How Emotion Affects Older Adults’ Memories for Event Details. L. Kvavilashvili, D.E. Kornbrot, V. Mash, J. Cockburn, A. Milne, Differential Effects of Age on Prospective and Retrospective Memory Tasks in Young, Young-Old, and Old-Old Adults. R.L. West, A. Dark-Freudeman, D.K. Bagwell, Goals-feedback Conditions and Episodic Memory: Mechanisms for Memory Gains in Older and Younger Adults. A.H. Gutchess, E.A. Kensinger, C. Yoon, D.L. Schacter, Ageing and the Self-reference Effect in Memory.


    Chris Moulin, Moshe Naveh-Benjamin, Celine Souchay