1st Edition

Epistemology: Contemporary Readings

Edited By Michael Huemer Copyright 2002
    640 Pages
    by Routledge

    640 Pages
    by Routledge

    This comprehensive anthology draws together classic and contemporary readings by leading philosophers on epistemology. Ideal for any philosophy student, it will prove essential reading for epistemology courses, and is designed to complement Robert Audi's textbook Epistemology: A Contemporary Introduction (Routledge, 1998).
    Themes covered include, perception, memory, inductive inference, reason and the a priori, the architecture of knowledge, skepticism, the analysis of knowledge, testimony. Each section begins with an introductory essay, guiding students into the topic.
    Includes articles by:
    Russell, Hume, Berkeley, Malcolm, Quine, Carnap, J.L. Austin, Pollock, Nozick, Putnam, G.E. Moore, Huemer, Reid, Plato, BonJour, Coady, Carroll, Fumerton, Edwards, Foster, Howson, Urbach, Stove, Empiricus, Oakley, Alston, Gettier, Clark, Goldman, Lehrer, Paxson, DeRose, Dretske, Klein and Chisholm

    J.Locke, G. Berkeley, D. Hume, T. Reid, B.Russell, J.L. Austin, N. Malcolm, J. Pollock, M. Huemer, Plato, I. Kant, A.J. Ayer, W.V.O. Quine, R. Carnap, L. BonJour, C.A.J. Coady, L. Carroll, R. Fumerton, H. Kornblith, P. Edwards, N. Goodman, J. Foster, C.Howson, P.Urbach, D. Stove, Sextus Empiricus, I.T. Oakley, W. Alston, S. Haack, E. Gettier, M. Clark, A. Goldman, K. Lehrer, T. Paxson, R. Nozick, K. DeRose, R. Descartes, H. Putnam, F. Dretske, P. Klein, M. Huemer, R. Chisholm, G.E. Moore


    Michael Huemer is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of Colorado, Boulder. He is the author of Skepticism and the Veil of Perception (Rowman & Littlefield, 2001).
    Robert Audi is Professor of Philosophy at Lincoln University, Nebraska. He is regarded as one of the top experts in epistemology. His numerous previous publications include Epistemology: A Contemporary Introduction (Routledge 1998), Practical Reasoning (Routledge, 1996), Moral Knowledge and Moral Character (OUP, 1997). He is also editor of the Cambridge Dictionary of Philosophy (CUP, 1999).