2nd Edition

Epoxy Resins Chemistry and Technology, Second Edition,

Edited By Clayton May Copyright 1988
    1256 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    Featuring new techniques of physicochemical analysis and broader coverage of textile applications,the thoroughly rewritten and enlarged Second Edition provides hands-on assistance inthe use, formulation, synthesis, processing, and handling of epoxy resins.Epoxy Resins, Second Edition, Revised and Expanded documents available commercialproducts, including rarer species of epoxides ... shows how to achieve qualityassurance through analytical methods ... discusses toxicity, hazards, and safe handling ...looks closely at elastomer modification of resins as well as adhesives, coatings, electrical andelectronic applications, fiber-reinforced composites, and the use of epoxy resins in thestabilization of polymers, plasticizers, and textiles ... and assists in the more efficientselection and application of epoxy resins.Complete with nearly 300 pages of tables for quick references, plus over 300 diagrams andphotographs, and more than 4,400 bibliographic references, this volume will proveindispensable to polymer, physical, and organic chemists, rheologists, materials scientists andengineers, and chemical, plastics, aerospace, automotive, and electrical and electronicsengineers.

    Preface, Contributors, 1: Introduction to Epoxy Resins, 2: Synthesis and Characteristics of Epoxides, 3: Curing Reactions, 4: Curing Agents and Modifiers, 5: Elastomer-Modified Epoxy Resins, 6: Physical and Mechanical Properties of Cured Resins, 7: Epoxy Resin Adhesives, 8: Epoxy Resin Coatings, 9: Electrical and Electronic Applications, 10: Fiber-Reinforced Epoxy Composites, 11: Epoxides as Polymer Stabilizers and Plasticizers, 12: Textile Finishing with Epoxides, 13: Chemical Analysis of Epoxides and Epoxy Resins, 14: Physical and Chemical Characterization of Epoxy Resins, 15: Toxicity, Hazards, and Safe Handling, Index


    Clayton May