1st Edition

Equine-Assisted Counseling and Psychotherapy Healing Through Horses

By Hallie Sheade Copyright 2021
    236 Pages
    by Routledge

    236 Pages
    by Routledge

    Equine-Assisted Counseling and Psychotherapy offers a comprehensive guide to the practice of working with equines in a psychotherapeutic setting.

    Chapters provide a research-informed approach to integrating the contributions of horses and other equines into mental health services. With a focus on equine welfare, the book uses a relational approach to explore a broad range of topics, including documentation and treatment planning, work with clients across the lifespan and with diverse needs, complexities related to horses in the therapeutic relationship, as well as ethical, legal, and best-practice considerations.

    Mental health and equine professionals will come away from the book with a strong understanding of both the theoretical and practical aspects of equine-assisted counseling.

      1. Partnering with Equines in Equine-Assisted Counseling and Psychotherapy  2. Nature of Equines  3. Philosophical Domains in Relational Equine-Partnered Counseling  4. Counseling Environments in Equine-Assisted Counseling and Psychotherapy  5. The Treatment Team in Equine-assisted Counseling and Psychotherapy  6. Facilitating Relational Equine-Partnered Counseling  7. Integration of Counseling Theory in Equine-Assisted Counseling and Psychotherapy  8. Practice of Equine-Assisted Counseling and Psychotherapy Across the Lifespan  9. Counseling and Psychotherapy Formats in Equine-Assisted Counseling and Psychotherapy  10. Implementing Equine-Assisted Counseling and Psychotherapy with Different Client Populations  11. Ethical Considerations in Equine-Assisted Counseling and Psychotherapy  12. Risk Management Considerations in Equine-Assisted Counseling and Psychotherapy  13. Program Design in Equine-Assisted Counseling and Psychotherapy  14. Research Issues in Equine-Assisted Counseling and Psychotherapy


    Hallie E. Sheade, PhD, LPC-S, RPT-S, founded Equine Connection Counseling to provide equine-assisted counseling and psychotherapy. She is a registered play therapist and has worked with equines for over thirty years.

    "In this book Dr. Sheade provides a comprehensive and practical presentation of equine-assisted counseling. She delineates important constructs of the horse-human relationship and thoroughly explains how relational approaches with equines are effective interventions for human client healing and recovery. Among the many topics covered she includes examination of theoretical approaches, descriptions of counseling strategies and techniques, and discussions of research, ethics, and practice logistics. I highly recommend this book to any current or aspiring practitioner of equine-assisted counseling."Cynthia K. Chandler, EdD, author of Animal-Assisted Therapy in Counseling

    "Equine-Assisted Counseling and Psychotherapy is a comprehensive practitioner’s guide that covers foundational basics and evidence-based strategies for intentionality and effectiveness in equine-assisted interventions. Sheade covers essential, species-specific knowledge about equines that all equine practitioners must know and includes crucial aspects of safety and welfare for the humans and animals involved. Further, readers will find an in-depth discussion of the elements of a successful human-animal relationship required for all professionals integrating animals into human healthcare or social service professions. It is a natural follow-up to Chandler’s Animal-Assisted Therapy in Counseling for those interested in developing the equine-specific knowledge, skills, and attitudes after mastering the competencies required for providers working with all species of animals. I look forward to incorporating this text into my own courses on animal-assisted interventions in counseling." — Leslie A. Stewart, PhD, LPC, associate professor in the Department of Counseling at Idaho State University