1st Edition

Ergonomics Process Management A Blueprint for Quality and Compliance

By James P. Kohn Copyright 1999

    This exceptional guidebook provides the strategies necessary to curtail ergonomic losses and costs associated with spiraling worker's compensation premiums and medical expenses, of major concern in all businesses. Ergonomic Process Management is meant to be an application and implementation "operator's manual". This one-of-a-kind resource provides professionals and students with step-by-step guidance on the management and behavior modification principles necessary to successfully implement ergonomic science and technology into the real world occupational environment.

    Introduction to Ergonomics
    What is Ergonomics?
    Is Ergonomics Something New?
    Why is Ergonomics Important?
    What are common Ergonomics Problems?
    Using a Systems Approach to Ergonomics: The Key to Success in the system or "Program versus Process"
    Components of an Ergonomics Management Program
    Using the Meatpacking Guidelines for Direction
    Management and Employee Involvement
    Ergonomic Hazard Recognition
    Ergonomic Hazard Evaluation
    Ergonomic Hazard Control
    Tracking Ergonomic Program Effectiveness
    Resources in Developing the Ergonomic Process: Doing Your Homework
    University Resources
    Insurance Carriers
    Selecting Outside Assistance
    Getting an Ergonomics Program Started: Part A
    Getting Your Facts Straight
    Finding and Working with Professional Ergonomists
    Locating Potential Ergonomic Problems (Working Analysis)
    Determining the Extent of Ergonomic Problems Identified
    Obtaining Top Management Support for the Ergonomic Program
    Establishing an Ergonomic Process Budget
    Establishing a TQM Approach to the Ergonomic Process
    Starting on a Level Playing Field - Training: Part A
    Ergonomics versus Economics: Do People Know the Difference?
    Taking Baby Steps: Training on Ergonomics Basics
    Training Programs for Support Personnel
    Training Programs for Upper Management
    Training Programs for Vendors
    Training Programs by Vendors
    Getting an Ergonomic Program Started: Part B
    Obtaining Ergonomic Program Buy-In "on the line"
    Remembering Mid-Level Managers/Supervisors
    Negotiating Roles and Responsibilities
    Setting Up the Identification and Monitoring System
    Establishing the Ergonomics Committee
    Starting on a Level Playing Field - Training: Part B
    Roles and Responsibilities Training: Ensuring Understanding of the System
    Establishing Standard Operating Procedures: Establishing Performance Baseline
    Training Employees in Ergonomic Hazard Recognition and the Elimination/Control Process
    Training Engineers and Maintenance Personnel
    Training Supervisors and Managers in How the Ergonomic System Operates
    Including Medical Personnel and Medical Data in the Ergonomic Process
    Finding and Working with Occupational Medical Personnel


    James P. Kohn