1st Edition

Ergonomics for Children
Designing products and places for toddler to teens

ISBN 9780367376444
Published July 25, 2019 by CRC Press
984 Pages 843 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Providing guidance on a broad range of issues for young children and adolescents, Ergonomics for Children: Designing Products and Places for Toddlers to Teens give you a deep understanding of how children develop and how these developmental changes can influence the design of products and places for children. Copiously illustrated with photos and other images, the book helps you quickly find answers to your questions, grasp concepts, and apply them.

Its subsections are organized to help you locate and understand the content you need. Edited by experts with contributions from an international panel, the book is both broad in coverage and international in perspective. The contributors review the ways in which children develop physically, perceptually, cognitively, and socially and then use this information to provide practical guidelines for the design of places and products for children.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Nigel Corlett

Introduction to this Book, R. Lueder and V. Rice with C.L. Bennett

Developmental Stages of Children, T. Brown and M. Beran
Child Anthropometry, B. Norris and S.A. Smith
Visual Ergonomics for Children, K.I. Fostervold and D.R. Ankrum
Hearing Ergonomics for Children: Sound Advice, N.L. Vause
Physical Development in Children and Adolescents and Age-Related Risks, R. Lueder and V. Rice
Physical Education and Exercises for Children, B.H. Boucher

Children and Injuries, V. Rice
Assistive Technologies for Children, R. Springer
Meeting the Needs of Disabled Children in Developing Countries, D. Werner

Designing Products for Children, V. Rice and R. Lueder
Supplement 11b: Children's Safety and Handguns, K. Jacobs, R. Lockhart, H.-Y. (Ariel) Chang
Children's Play with Toys, B.A. Torres
Book Bags for Children, K. Jacobs, R.Lockhart, H.-Y. (Ariel) Chiang, and M. O'Hara
Warnings: Hazard Control Methods for Caregivers and Children, M.J. Kalsher and M.S. Wogalter

Stairways for Children, J. Pauls
Child Use of Technology at Home, C.L. Bennett
Children in Vehicles, R. Lueder
Preventing Musculoskeletal Disorders for Youth Working on Farms, T.R. Waters

Preschool and Day Care Design, L.E. Maxwell
Children and Handwriting Ergonomics, C. Burt and M. Benbow
School Furniture for Children, A. Hedge and R. Lueder
Child-Friendly User Interfaces in the Digital World, L. Hanna
Information and Communication Technology in Schools, C. Pollock and L. Strakker
Rethinking School Design: New Directions in Child Learning, D. Gulland and J. Phillips

Designing Cities and Neighborhoods for Children, R. Lueder
Children and Wayfinding, G.L. Allen, R. Lueder, and V. Rice
Designing Museum Experiences for Children, J. Kennedy and M. Prager
Playground Safety and Ergonomics, A.G. Vredenburgh and I.B. Zackowitz
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"...a timely compilation ... an impressive group of qualified professionals have contributed to this treatise ... an extremely valuable resource for anyone concerned with design of safe systems for humans in general, but explicitly so for children."
-Richard J. Hornick, Ph.D., CPE
Past President of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society

"… describes how valid ergonomics principles can be applied to our most precious commodity - children. … Designers of classrooms, playgrounds, museums, and products for children must read this book. Children will benefit even further if teachers and parents also read this book."
-Stover Snook, PhD, CPE

"This groundbreaking book surveys the state of ergonomics in the design of things for toddlers to teenagers … belongs on the bookshelf of every designer, ergonomist, and engineer who develops products and environments used by people."
-Steven Casey, President of Ergonomic Systems Design, Inc and author of Set Phasers on Stun and The Atomic Chef and Other True Tales of Design, Technology, and Human Error

"… addresses every conceivable aspect of designing products and places for children … the contents are illustrated with some of the most charming photographs of children that you will ever see."
-Douglas H. Harris, Chairman and Principal Scientist, Anacapa Sciences, Inc., Santa Barbara, California, USA
Past President of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society

"I am so excited to see this book in press. … provides a detailed and comprehensive analysis of the range of factors that should be considered when designing for children."
-Wendy A. Rogers, Georgia Institute of Technology, Past President of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society

"… luminary leaders of the human factors and ergonomics community have assembled a panoply of the world's outstanding researchers … Using the central theme of human factors and ergonomics makes this offering unique … a true tour-de-force … a must read … a vital resource … What Dr. Spock did for child-rearing in the baby boom years, Dr. Rice and Ms. Lueder have now done for the generation born into a high-tech world."
-Peter A. Hancock, Past-President of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society