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Ergonomics in Asia: Development, Opportunities and Challenges Proceedings of the 2nd East Asian Ergonomics Federation Symposium (EAEFS 2011), National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan,4 - 8 October 2011

    For the past decade, the rapid development of the ergonomics disciplines as well as the fast growing economy in the Asian region have been attracting the attention of the international ergonomics community. Although East Asia has been changing from a traditional agriculture-oriented society into a modern industry-oriented society and its economy covers a great deal of shared interests across the continents, yet the ergonomics related knowledge and practice are still in its infancy. Because of the geographic proximity and a strong historical, cultural and technology affinity, it is vitally important to maintain good communication and cooperation among the individuals as well as among the ergonomics organizations in the region. This symposium, EAEFS, has provided supporting ergonomics organizations and interested participants a forum to exchange ideas, build friendship, foster greater understanding of and among these individuals and organizations, and develop perspectives concerning ergonomics issues in this region and beyond.

    This volume contains the selected papers presented at the Second East Asian Ergonomics Federation Symposium (EAEFS), held from October 4 - 8, 2011 at the National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan. The Second EAEFS, endorsed by the International Ergonomics Association (IEA), aims to consolidate the established ties within East Asia and to extend the cooperation among ergonomics researchers, professionals, and practitioners in the region to other regions in Asia and the world. Senior scholars and leaders from Asian countries have shared their wisdom, experience, insights, and visions on past, current and future ergonomics efforts in Asia.

    The papers contributing to this book address the latest research and application in accordance with the theme of the symposium, "Ergonomics in Asia: Development, Opportunities and Challenges," and cover the following areas: Virtual Environments & Design, Aging & Work Ability, Usability & Interface, Biomechanics & Anthropometry, and Occupational Safety & Health.

    Organizational committee
    International advisory committee

    Part I: Virtual environments and design

    Can virtuality become a professional design medium? A study of architectural information in virtual reality
    K. Liang

    An evaluation from presence perspective of customer experiences in virtual environments
    C.Y. Lee, C. Chou & T.L. Sun

    The effects of tactile types on the identification of tactile symbols
    Y-H. Tu, Y-T. Liao, W-N. Huang, P-C. Liao, H-L. Lo, W-L. Lu, T-T. Hung & Y-L. Wang

    Activities implementation in house kitchen interior
    I.N. Artayasa

    Redesigning tractors for reduced soil cultivation and increased productivity in the agricultural sector in Bali Indonesia
    I.K. Widana

    How does the central Badung market play its role for the 24-hour society of Denpasar?
    M.S.P. Purnamawati & N. Adiputra

    Modern hotel management versus traditional village values: The case of Bali
    D.P. Sutjana & N. Adiputra

    A method for clarifying cognitive structure by integrating sentence completion test and formal concept analysis
    H. Matsuo & T. Yamaoka

    A guide to constructing an interview
    Y. Morita & T. Yamaoka

    Part II: Aging and work ability

    Aging and work ability: Their effect on task performance of industrial workers
    C. Theppitak, Y. Higuchi, D.V.G. Kumudini, V. Lai, M. Movahed, H. Izumi & M. Kumashiro

    Age-related changes of posture for pulling exercises in lower position
    M. Sakurai, K. Orito, N. Tsukahara, Y. Yamazaki, M. Sakata & S. Yamamoto

    Effects of mental capacity on work ability in middle-aged factory workers: A field study
    D.V.G. Kumudini, Y. Higuchi, C. Theppitak, V. Lai, M. Movahed, H. Izumi & M. Kumashiro

    Finger-tapping test for aging workers
    T. Makizuka, H. Izumi, Y. Higuchi & M. Kumashiro

    Motion analysis of putting on and taking off short-sleeved shirts
    K. Tanimizu, M. Ishiuchi, S. Muraki & M. Yamasaki

    Assessment of work ability of Korean workers in the shipbuilding industry
    S.R. Chang, Y. Lee & D-J. Kim

    Exercise habits and work ability in Japanese manufacturing industry workers
    Y. Higuchi, H. Izumi, T. Yokota, M. Kumashiro & T. Ebara

    Investigation of eye movements in battlefield target search
    SL. Hwang, MC. Hsieh, ST. Huang, TJ. Yeh, FK. Wu, CF. Huang, CH. Yeh & CC. Chang

    The effects of acute stress on working memory
    V. Lai, C. Theppitak, M. Movahed, D.V.G. Kumudini, Y. Higuchi, H. Izumi, M. Kumashiro & T. Makizuka

    Examination of the mental model construction process of a FLASH game
    S. Kitaoka & T. Yamaoka

    Effect of physical exercise on the processes of cognition
    H. Izumi, K. Kinugawa, T. Kishigami, K. Hirabuki, K. Morii, Y. Higuchi & M. Kumashiro

    Part III: Usability and interface

    A proposal for GUI design index for service machine
    R. Kihara & T. Yamaoka

    A study on construction of a community tool with a social network service for uniting older and younger people
    M. Shibuya, A. Yamashita, F. Goto & K. Mikami

    The effects of display elements on information retrieval in geographical intelligence systems
    F-Y. Tseng, C-J. Chao, W-Y. Feng & S-L. Hwang

    Ergonomic evaluation of icons for dashboard
    C-F. Chi, R-S. Dewi & S-C. Chen

    XGameFlow, extended model for measuring player’s enjoyment in playing a game
    J. Prestiliano, D. Manongga & C.J. Lin

    User research for e-reader design in higher education
    Y-W. Chang & Y-C. Hsu

    The effects of WEB 2.0 interface on performance—a case study of user intuitive clearness and transparency in WEB interface
    C-H. Pan

    A proposal for three useful methods of GUI design usability evaluation
    T. Yamaoka & I. Hirata

    Part IV: Biomechanics and anthropometry

    Taiwan high-tech industries hiring staff with physical and mental disabilities to work in clean-room: Experience sharing by CMI Corp
    J-C. Wang, H-K. Liu, Y-H. Chang, H.C. Huang, H. Liao, Y-F. Lin, W-C. Chen, C-F. Hsu, C-Y. Shih, W-T. Wei & Y-J. Chang

    The effect of load intensity on back muscle oxygenation in static muscle work
    M. Movahed, H. Izumi, M. Kumashiro, J. Ohashi & N. Kurustien

    Differences in lifting strengths and postures between workers and novices among Taiwanese females
    Y-L. Chen & Y-C. Lee

    The effect of wearing spandex underwear on the activity of low-back and hip muscles
    J-Y. Kim, S-N. Min, M-H. Lee, J-H. Jung & M-S. Kim

    Changes in finger joint angles while using scroll wheels: Comparison of scroll up and down motions
    K. Kotani, T. Asao, S. Suzuki & M. Osada

    Evaluating arch dimension difference by using 3-D foot scanning data
    Y-C. Lee, G. Lin & M-J.J. Wang

    3D anthropometry for clothes of Taiwanese 4 to 6 year old children
    Y-C. Lin

    Evaluation of dining utensil design for children
    B-S. Liu & Y-L. Chen

    A proposal for a standard value of muscle cross-sectional area of the thigh in Japanese adults
    M. Ishiuchi, K. Fukumoto, S. Muraki & O. Fukuda

    Changing body posture and working system improves workers performance
    I.W. Surata, A. Manuaba, N. Adiputra & D.P. Sutjana

    Part V: Occupational safety and health

    Evaluation of anti-smoking measures at a Japanese factory
    H. Ariyoshi, T. Nakamura, R. Yamashita, Y. Suzaki, N. Takayama & T. Ishitake

    Analysis of productivity with an ergo-mechanical approach for making banten elements
    I.W.B. Adnyana

    Intervention in the stamping process has improved work quality, satisfaction and efficiency at PT ADM Jakarta
    T.I. Oesman, Sudarsono & I.P.G. Adiatmika

    Practice of reducing ergonomic hazards in a display panel plant—experience sharing by NB CMI
    H-K. Huang, P-H. Lee, P-H. Lin, Stella, W-J. Yang, C-F. Hsu, C-L. Tsai, Alice, Y-F. Lin, F-R. Wu, D-D. Qiu & C-Y. Xu

    Human reliability and unsafe behavior factor analysis of chemicals loading process in a dock
    G-H. Kao & C-W. Lu

    Ergonomics redesign minimized unsafe actions in a wood working workshop
    L. Sudiajeng, N. Sutapa, I.G. Wahyu A., N. Sanjaya, I.P.G. Adiatmika & T.I. Oesman

    Study of quality of life (QOL) in home oxygen therapy patients and related factors of actual life situation
    N. Shintani & T. Morimoto

    The effects of stretching, hot pack and massage treatments on muscle thickness and hardness
    S. Muraki, M. Ohnuma, K. Fukumoto & O. Fukuda

    Mental health approaches by municipalities after personnel reduction in Japan
    Y. Suzaki, T. Nakamura, N. Takayama, H. Ariyoshi & S. Ryu

    Effects of self stair-climbing exercise on physical fitness of clinical nurses
    C-W. Lien, B-S. Liu, S-L. Lin & C-H. Yu

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