1st Edition

Essential Computer Graphics Techniques for Modeling, Animating, and Rendering Biomolecules and Cells A Guide for the Scientist and Artist

By Giorgio Luciano Copyright 2019
    228 Pages
    by A K Peters/CRC Press

    228 Pages
    by A K Peters/CRC Press

    The book helps readers develop fundamental skills in the field of biomedical illustrations with a training approach based on step-by-step tutorials with a practical approach. Medical/scientific illustration mainly belongs to professionals in the art field or scientists trying to create artistic visualization. There is not a merging between the two, even if the demand is high. This leads to accurate scientific images with no appeal (or trivial mistakes), or appealing CSI-like images with huge scientific mistakes. This gives the fundamentals to the scientist so they can apply CG techniques that give a more scientific approach creating mistake-free images.


    Key Features

    • This book provides a reference where none exist.

    • Without overwhelming the reader with software details it teaches basic principles to give readers to fundamentals to create.

    • Demonstrates professional artistic tools used by scientists to create better images for their work.

    • Coverage of lighting and rendering geared specifically for scientific work that is toturoal based with a practical approach.

    • Included are chapter tutorials, key terms and end of chapter references for Art and Scientific References for each chapter.

    CHAPTER 1 ■ Preface CHAPTER 2 ■ Introduction CHAPTER 3 ■ Foundations CHAPTER 4 ■ Modeling and Lighting CHAPTER 5 ■ Scene Setup CHAPTER 6 ■ Rendering CHAPTER 7 ■ Animation CHAPTER 8 ■ Final Look CHAPTER 9 ■ Professional Practices


    Giorgia Luciano is a scientist with a variety of interests. He currently works as a researcher at the Italian National Council of Research (CNR) on topics devoted to the characterization and development of new materials. The main topics of his research are superhydrophobic surfaces and data analysis applied to analytical techniques. He graduated in chemistry in 1999 with a thesis on magnetic behavior of ternary compounds based on rare earth elements. After working in the chemical industry in an R & D lab he returned to university to get a PhD in chemical sciences in 2005. He spent a year in Norway as a post-doctoral researcher on statistical analysis. During his PhD he spent some time studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, and this influenced his passion for art. He has used 3DSMax since version 4.0, and participated in the CGTALK hardcore modelling challenge competitions since IV challenge (2005). His interests also focus on lighting and rendering, he currently manages the lighting challenges on the CGSociety Forums. You can find his work (architecture, design, and scientific visualization) at giorgioluciano.it.