3rd Edition

Essential Econometric Techniques A Guide to Concepts and Applications

By Elia Kacapyr Copyright 2022
    228 Pages 42 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    228 Pages 42 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Now in its third edition, Essential Econometric Techniques: A Guide to Concepts and Applications is a concise, student-friendly textbook which provides an introductory grounding in econometrics, with an emphasis on the proper application and interpretation of results.

    Drawing on the author’s extensive teaching experience, this book offers intuitive explanations of concepts such as heteroskedasticity and serial correlation, and provides step-by-step overviews of each key topic.

    This new edition contains more applications, brings in new material including a dedicated chapter on panel data techniques, and moves the theoretical proofs to appendices. After Chapter 7, students will be able to design and conduct rudimentary econometric research. The next chapters cover multicollinearity, heteroskedasticity, and autocorrelation, followed by techniques for time-series analysis and panel data.

    Excel data sets for the end-of-chapter problems are available as a digital supplement. A solutions manual is also available for instructors, as well as PowerPoint slides for each chapter.

    Essential Econometric Techniques shows students how economic hypotheses can be questioned and tested using real-world data, and is the ideal supplementary text for all introductory econometrics courses.

    Chapter 1  The Nature of Econometrics
    Chapter 2  Simple Regression Analysis
    Chapter 3  Residual Statistics
    Chapter 4  Hypothesis Testing
    Chapter 5  Multivariate Regression
    Chapter 6  Alternate Functional Forms
    Chapter 7  Dichotomous Variables
    Chapter 8  The Classical Linear Regression Model
    Chapter 9  Multicollinearity
    Chapter 10  Heteroskedasticity
    Chapter 11  Serial Correlation
    Chapter 12  Time-Series Techniques
    Chapter 13  Panel Data Techniques
    Critical Values Tables
    Cited Works


    Elia Kacapyr is Professor of Economics at Ithaca College, USA.

    Voices on the second edition

    "Professor Kacapyr’s work in the field of econometrics—specifically, his work in making the subject more understandable to aspiring economics students and enthusiasts—is incredible. His style is straightforward and engaging, delivering the subject matter so effortlessly that it is a pleasure to read and immerse yourself in the text."

    - Krasimir Kehayov, Goldman Sachs

    "Direct and to the point, Professor Kacapyr provides an effective exposition of the essentials of econometrics in both technical terms and prose. The second edition [...] is a rugged and reliable resource for instructor, learner, and practitioner. Kacapyr targets economics majors, but this book is also suited for use in courses in business, statistics, and social sciences, where the same skills are applied."

    - Wade L. Thomas, SUNY Oneonta

    "I really like this book as a supplement to the required text in my course. It’s at the exact level that my students need, and the exercises are great practice for them."

    - Cynthia Bansak, St. Lawrence University