1st Edition

Essential Statistics for Medical Practice

By D.G. Rees Copyright 1994
    239 Pages
    by Chapman & Hall

    A firm understanding of the basic statistical methods used in current medical literature is now essential for medical practice, as research papers have become increasingly statistical in nature. This book has a unique, case-study approach, starting with six actual research papers showing which statistical methods were used and how the results were obtained. It will enable the medical professional to understand the methods in an easy and accessible way.

    Part 1: Overview of the Use of Basic Statistical Methods in Medical Studies: Discussion of Case Studies 1. Preliminary Trial of the Effect of General Practice Based Nutritional Advice 2. Randomized Controlled Trial of Anti-Smoking Advice by Nurses in General Practice 3. Psychological Distress- Outcome and Consultation Rates in One General Practice 4. Use of Regression Analysis to Explain the Variation in Prescribing Rates and Costs Between Family Practitioner Committees 5. Hidden Psychiatric Illness- Use of the General Health Questionnaire in General Practice 6. A Randomized Controlled Trial of Surgery for Glue Ear Part 2: 7. Data, Tables,. Graphs. Summary Statistics and Probability 8. Hypothesis Tests and Confidence Intervals for Means 9. More on Comparing Means 10. The Analysis of Variance and the F- Test 11. Hypothesis Tests and Confidence Intervals for Means 12. More on Comparing Means, the Analysis of Variance, and the F- Test 13. Hypothesis Tests and Confidence Intervals for Percentages 14. Further Tests for Percentages. Regression and Correlation 15. Sensitivity and Specificity 16. Study Design. Calculators and Computers


    Rees, D.G.