1st Edition

Essentials of Petroleum

By P. H. Frankel Copyright 1969

    Published in the year 1969, Essentials of Petroleum is a valuable contribution to the field of Geography.

    Part 1 Oil and Public Opinion; Part 2 Economics of a Liquid; Chapter 2_1 The Role of Liquid Fuels; Chapter 2_2 Crude Production; Chapter 2_3 Refining; Chapter 2_4 Transport and marketing; Part 3 Price Structure; Chapter 3_1 The Influence of Demand on Price; Chapter 3_2 Factors on the Supply Side; Part 4 The Shape of the Industry; Chapter 4_1 The Great Plan of John D. Rockefeller; Chapter 4_2 On Oil Combines; Chapter 4_3 The Ideas of Henri Deterding; Chapter 4_4 A New Equilibrium; Part 5 Policies for the Industry; Chapter 5_1 Patterns for Oil Peace; Chapter 5_2 Competition and Control;


    P. H. Frankel, M. A. Adelman