1st Edition

Estimating and Measurement for Simple Building Works in Hong Kong

By Caroline T. W. Chan Copyright 2021
    384 Pages 212 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    384 Pages 212 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

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    This book is an introductory text on building measurement and estimating for simple buildings in Hong Kong, based on the Hong Kong Standard Method of Measurement of Building Works 4th Edition Revised 2018 (HKSMM4 Rev 2018). It provides a toolkit for students and surveying technicians who are new to the subject.

    This second edition updates the contents in line with the HKSMM4 Rev 2018 and incorporates the latest industry developments such as BIM. The main text is divided into five parts following the development of a typical project.

    • Part 1, Building the project team, introduces the team setup for a typical project.
    • Part 2, Deciding the procurement strategy, explains the various procurement decisions to be made by an employer before any cost estimating and measurement work takes place.
    • Part 3, Preparing for tender, covers the tendering methods, tender documentation and approximate estimating techniques used by Quantity Surveyors.
    • Part 4, Measuring quantities, introduces measurement principles and HKSMM4 Rev 2018, followed by a detailed review of the measurement methods for each major trade, with worked examples.
    • Part 5, Estimating unit rates, explores the basic techniques for unit rate preparation.

    The book contains worked examples from real Hong Kong building projects, self-assessment questions, reminders and points of note. It is essential reading for Hong Kong construction and surveying students, international Quantity Surveyors working in the local area and those wanting international examples of Quantity Surveryors practice.

    Part 1: Building the Project Team;  1. Introduction  2. Principal Stakeholders of a Project  Part 2: Deciding the Procurement Strategy;  3. Project Delivery Methods  4. Payment Mechanisms  Part 3: Preparing for Tender;  5. Tendering Methods  6. Tendering Procedures  7. Tender Documentation  8. Approximate Estimating Techniques in Pre-Contract Stages  Part 4: Measuring Quantities;  9. Principles and Rules of Taking-off  10. Length, Area and Volume Measurement  11. Introduction to HKSMM4 Rev 2018  12. Measurement of Excavation  13. Measurement of Concrete Works  14. Measurement of Brickwork and Blockwork  15. Measurement of Wood Works  16. Measurement of Steel and Metal Works  17. Measurement of Plastering, Paving and Painting  18. Measurement of Waterproofing  19. Worked Examples  20. Processing Measurements  Part 5: Estimating Unit Rates;  21. Pricing in General  22. Pricing Trade Work  23. Pricing Preliminaries  24. Computer Applications in Measurement and Estimating


    Caroline T.W. Chan is a lecturer in the City University of Hong Kong, teaching sub-degree students in the Architectural, Engineering and Construction (AEC) programmes. Caroline is a qualified Quantity Surveyor and, before joining academia, she practised in large Quantity Surveryor consultancy firms and large contractors in Hong Kong.