1st Edition

Ethical Engineering A Practical Guide with Case Studies

By Eugene Schlossberger Copyright 2023
    422 Pages
    by CRC Press

    422 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Ethical Engineering: A Practical Guide with Case Studies provides detailed and practical guidance in making decisions about the many ethical issues practicing engineers may face in their professional lives. It outlines a decision-making procedure and helps engineers construct an ethics toolkit consisting of professional models, a comprehensive set of ethical considerations and factors that help in weighing those considerations, and analyses of particular issues, such as reverse engineering a patented process. Illustrating case studies, both brief and detailed, are provided. 


    • Introduces the nature of ethical decision-making as applied to engineering values and issues.

    • Helps readers develop a detailed ethics toolkit that identifies options and solutions and allows them to monitor and adjust as necessary.

    • Features topics such as safety, sustainability, bioethics, diversity and equality, information technology and AI, as well as critical areas often overlooked in engineering texts, such as mentoring, advertising (for consulting firms), engineering sales, and much more.

    • Includes 85 case studies to illustrate a variety of scenarios.

    • Offers an international perspective with codes of ethics from around the world, including Saudi Arabia, India, New Zealand, Chile, and Japan.

    Emphasizing the importance of the moral life and of engineering as an occupation with high ideals, this book helps readers navigate a variety of real-world ethical issues they are likely to face in this increasingly interdisciplinary, global, and diverse profession.

    Part 1: Introduction and Ethical Decision-Making. Chapter 1: The Nature of Engineering Ethics. Chapter 2: Ethical Decision Making. Part 2: Sources of Ethical Decision Making. Chapter 3: The Engineering Way. Chapter 4: Values of the Engineering Profession. Chapter 5: Additional Ethical Sources (Part 1). Chapter 6: Additional Ethical Sources (Part 2). Chapter 7: Honesty and Professionalism. Chapter 8: Good Faith. Chapter 9: Employee-Employer Relations. Chapter 10: The Environment, Climate Change, and Sustainability. Chapter 11: Appropriate Technology and Lesser Developed Regions (LDRs). Chapter 12: Bioengineering and Medical Engineering. Chapter 13: Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence, and Software Engineering. Chapter 14: Consulting Engineering. Appendix I: Links to Codes of Ethics from Across the World. Appendix II: Summary of Major Western Ethical Theories. Appendix III: Additional Cases. Appendix IV: Two Sample Suggestions. List of Cases.


    Eugene Schlossberger, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at Purdue University Northwest, is the author of four previous books (Moral Responsibility and Persons; The Ethical Engineer; A Holistic Approach to Rights: Affirmative Action, Reproductive Rights, Censorship, and Future Generations; and Moral Responsibility Beyond Our Fingertips: Collective Responsibility, Leaders, and Attributionism) as well as numerous articles on business and engineering ethics, environmental ethics, and political philosophy in journals such as Mind, Philosophical Studies, Analysis, and Science and Engineering Ethics.