1st Edition

Ethical Issues in Communication Professions New Agendas in Communication

Edited By Minette Drumwright Copyright 2014
    304 Pages
    by Routledge

    302 Pages
    by Routledge

    Dynamic, rapid, and radical changes are transforming the communication professions, provoking major implications for ethics. Traditional boundaries blur as media converge; relentless competitive pressures cause some forms of communication to atrophy and permit others to explode; and technological advances occur daily. In this volume, a new generation of scholars take a fresh look at the manner in which ethical issues manifest themselves in their areas of research and suggest new agendas for future research.

    This book addresses a wide range of questions from a variety of communication professions. Contributors tackle such issues as how to define a journalist in an era when anyone can disseminate information to a global audience; how to use "advergames," crowdsourcing, and facial recognition technology in advertising responsibly; and how to respond ethically in situations of public crisis communication, among many others. This volume will be critical reading for scholars and professionals in media, communication, and digital arts, as well as philosophy, government, public policy, business, and law.

    1 Freedom of the Press and Journalism Ethics in the Internet Age

    Jason M. Shepard

    2 The Plight for Journalistic Ethics Amid Technological Innovation and Exterior Forces

    Jenn Burleson Mackay

    3 Kant on Unsocial Sociability and the Ethics of Social Blogging

    Scott R. Stroud and Danee Pye

    4 The Case of Media Violence: Who is Responsible for Protecting Children from Harm?

    Karyn Riddle

    5 Ethics and Advergaming: Concerns of Marketing To Youth

    Vincent Cicchirillo

    6 Ethics in Crisis Communication: Persistent Challenges and Emerging Issues

    Lina Svedin

    7 Putting problems into context: An organizational approach to advertising ethics

    Erin E Schauster

    8 Clarifying, confusing or crooked? How ethically minded consumers interpret green advertising claims

    Lucy Atkinson

    9 Crowdsourcing and Co-Creation: Ethical and Procedural Implications for Advertising Creativity

    W. Glenn Griffin

    10 Ethics, Advertising, and Racial Segmentation: An Integrated Social Identity Perspective

    Troy Elias

    11 DTC Prescription Drug Advertising: Focusing on Ethics

    Michael Mackert and Marie Guadagno

    12 Ads Are Watching You: Advertising Applications of Facial Recognition Technology and Communication Ethics

    Seung-Chul Yoo

    13 Ethical Issues in Marketing Communication in Emerging Markets: The Case of Advertising in the Middle East

    Sara Kamal


    Minette E. Drumwright is Associate Professor in the Department of Advertising and Public Relations, College of Communication, University of Texas at Austin. Her research is in the areas of ethics in advertising and public relations, corporate social responsibility, and communication for non-profit organizations. Her work has been published in a variety of journals and books.