1st Edition

Ethics and Planning Research

Edited By Huw Thomas, Francesco Lo Piccolo Copyright 2009

    The consideration of ethics in social research has gained increasing prominence in the past few years, particularly research which seeks to inform public policy. This important and unique book provides a thorough examination of the issues relating to research ethics in planning for an international audience. The authors examine alternative frameworks within which ethical action can be discussed and critically describe the key institutional arrangements surrounding the management of ethical behaviour in research. Also included are highly relevant accounts of ethical challenges faced in planning research.

    Contents: Introduction, Francesco Lo Piccolo and Huw Thomas; Part I Ethical Frameworks: Consequentialism and the ethics of planning research, Nigel Taylor; Virtue ethics and research ethics, Huw Thomas; Pragmatic ethics and sustainable development, Niraj Verma. Part II Institutional Contexts and Constraints: Planning research, ethical conduct and radical politics, Kanishka Goonewardena; The knowledge business in academic planning research, Rob Imrie; Ethical issues in PhD research training, Daniela Mello; The responsibility to ask questions: the case of bias in travel demand forecasting, P. Anthony Brinkman; Environmental planning research: ethical perspectives in institutional and value-driven approaches, Filippo Schilleci; Ethics and consultancy, Adrian Healy; Research planning practice, Patsy Healey. Part III Ethics in the Practice of Planning Research: Toward a naturalistic research ethic: or how mediators must act well to learn, if they are to practice effectively, John Forester and David Laws; Knowledge, power and ethics in extraordinary times: learning from the Naples waste crisis, Laura Lieto; Ethical awareness in advocacy planning research, Giovanni Attili; On having imperial eyes, Libby Porter; Multiple roles in multiple dramas: ethical challenges in undertaking participatory planning research, Francesco Lo Piccolo; Conclusions, Francesco La Piccolo and Huw Thomas; Index.


    Francesco Lo Piccolo is Full Professor in the Dipartimento "Città e Territorio" at the University of Palermo, Italy. Huw Thomas is a Reader in the School of City and Regional Planning at Cardiff University, UK.

    'This stimulating, accessible collection of internationally-authored papers reveals a profession reflecting in diverse, theoretically sophisticated and practically relevant ways on the challenges of integrating ethics with research practice. There is much here for applied ethicists and practitioners in disciplines well beyond planning to learn from in this excellent volume. ' Stephen Pattison, University of Birmingham, UK 'Ethics and Planning Research edited by Lo Piccolo and Thomas is an impressive collection of contributions from an international consortium of planning experts and adds to a small but growing body of literature on ethics in planning research. The book is an invaluable compilation of papers on ethics; moral and philosophical perspectives, including commentary on research in an institutional framework (the university), the pressures experienced by academics to capitalise on the commercialisation of their research outputs, and reflective case studies from both academics and practitioners.' Australian Planner