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Ethics and Sport

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The Ethics and Sport Series was the first of its kind in the world and is the key source for scholars in the field. Its main aim has been to support and contribute to the development of the study of ethical issues in sport, and indeed to the continued development of Sports Ethics as a legitimate discipline in its own right.

Academics and devotees of sport have long debated ethical questions in sport issues such as, cheating, violence, and fair play, but recent changes in the world of sport and the world at large have seen expansion in the remit of the Ethics and Sport Series to cover new areas such as the commercialisation and commodification of sports, and the use of human enhancement technologies including genetic technologies within sport. The series will continue to address the changing ethical dimensions of sport’s landscape.

Philosophical ethics may be seen as both a theoretical academic discipline and as an ordinary everyday activity contributing to conversation, journalism and the media, as well as practical decision-making for those working in sport. Titles in Ethics and Sport Series draw on research in philosophical ethics as well as related disciplines such as social theory, psychology and cultural studies with the aim of providing a resource for readers from diverse professional and academic backgrounds.

The series aims to encourage critical reflection on the practice of sport, and to stimulate professional evaluation and development. Each volume explores new work relating to philosophical ethics and the social and cultural study of ethical issues. Each volume is different in scope, appeal, focus and treatment. A balance between local and international foci, perennial and contemporary issues, levels of audience, teaching and research application, is present. Each volume is complete in itself, but also complements others in the series.




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Philosophy, Sport and the Pandemic

Philosophy, Sport and the Pandemic

1st Edition

Edited By Jeffrey P. Fry, Andrew Edgar
September 25, 2023

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on every aspect of our social, cultural, and commercial lives, including the world of sport. This book examines the ethical and philosophical dimensions of the intersection of COVID-19 and sport.  The book goes beyond simple description of the impact of ...

The Philosophy of Mixed Martial Arts Squaring the Octagon

The Philosophy of Mixed Martial Arts: Squaring the Octagon

1st Edition

Edited By Jason Holt, Marc Ramsay
May 31, 2023

Mixed martial arts (MMA)—unarmed fighting games permitting techniques derived from a variety of martial arts and combat sports— has exploded from the fringes of sport into a worldwide phenomenon, a sport as controversial as it is compelling. This is the first book to pay MMA the serious ...

Political Expression in Sport Transnational Challenges, Moral Defences

Political Expression in Sport: Transnational Challenges, Moral Defences

1st Edition

By Cem Abanazir
November 14, 2022

This powerful new book looks at how private institutions governing and organising sport restrict political expression. Uniquely, it makes a case for the freedom of expression for athletes, spectators and audiences built upon philosophical foundations. In the era of Colin Kaepernick and taking a ...

Return of the Grasshopper Games, Leisure and the Good Life in the Third Millennium

Return of the Grasshopper: Games, Leisure and the Good Life in the Third Millennium

1st Edition

By Bernard Suits, Christopher C. Yorke, Francisco Javier López Frías
September 30, 2022

In this sequel to Bernard Suits’ timeless classic philosophical work The Grasshopper: Games, Life and Utopia, published in its full and unabridged form for the first time, Suits continues to explore some of our most fundamental philosophical questions, including the value of sport and games, and ...

Gym Culture, Identity and Performance-Enhancing Drugs Tracing a Typology of Steroid Use

Gym Culture, Identity and Performance-Enhancing Drugs: Tracing a Typology of Steroid Use

1st Edition

By Ask Vest Christiansen
February 01, 2022

This book is about gym culture, the pursuit of fit, muscular bodies and the use of drugs as a means to get there.  Building on the international research literature and in-depth interviews with men who have experience of image and performance enhancing drugs (IPEDs), the book explores the ...

Coaching, Sport and the Law A Duty of Care

Coaching, Sport and the Law: A Duty of Care

1st Edition

By Neil Partington
May 12, 2021

The interdependent coach-athlete relationship represents the most fundamental instance of a duty of care in sport. This book defines, analyses and clarifies the duty of care incumbent upon sports coaches and identifies important recommendations of real-world significance for coaching practice. ...

Emotion in Sports Philosophical Perspectives

Emotion in Sports: Philosophical Perspectives

1st Edition

By Yunus Tuncel
March 31, 2021

Emotion is central to human character, infiltrating our physiological functions and our mental constitution. In sport, athletes feel emotion in specific ways, from joy to anger and despair. This is the first book to examine emotion in sport from a philosophical perspective, building on concepts ...

Philosophy and Nature Sports

Philosophy and Nature Sports

1st Edition

By Kevin Krein
June 30, 2020

Nature sports such as skiing, climbing, and surfing have had a significant influence on Western popular culture since the mid-twentieth century and participation in such sports continues to grow. Written in a clear and accessible style, this important book provides a comprehensive ...

Sport and Spirituality

Sport and Spirituality

1st Edition

Edited By R. Scott Kretchmar, John B. White
April 01, 2019

This comprehensive volume explores the interface between sport and religion, or more broadly, sport and spirituality. While most of the contributions come from Western and Christian traditions, the volume raises broader questions about the kinds of impact that spirituality can and should have on ...

Sport, Ethics, and Neurophilosophy

Sport, Ethics, and Neurophilosophy

1st Edition

Edited By Jeffrey P. Fry, Mike McNamee
November 20, 2018

The growth of neuroscience and the spread of general interest in the brain have prompted concern for ethical issues posed by neuroscientists. Despite the growing interest in the brain, neuroscience, and the profound issues that neuroscience raises, up to this point, relatively little attention has ...

Kinetic Beauty The Philosophical Aesthetics of Sport

Kinetic Beauty: The Philosophical Aesthetics of Sport

1st Edition

By Jason Holt
November 14, 2019

Sport aesthetics is an important but often marginalized field in the philosophy of sport. Kinetic Beauty offers a comprehensive, principled, pluralist introduction to the philosophical aesthetics of sport.  The book tackles a wide variety of issues in the philosophical aesthetics of sport, ...

The Philosophy of Football

The Philosophy of Football

1st Edition

By Steffen Borge
June 04, 2019

Human beings are the only creatures known to engage in sport. We are sporting animals, and our favourite pastime of football is the biggest sport spectacle on earth. The Philosophy of Football presents the first sustained, in-depth philosophical investigation of the phenomenon of football. In ...

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