1st Edition

Ethics and the Arts An Anthology

Edited By David E. W. Fenner Copyright 1995
    335 Pages
    by Routledge

    334 Pages
    by Routledge

    The aim of this series is to make available texts and collections of essays on major moral issues. The present volume is a collection that focuses exclusively on diverse moral issues connected with the arts: censorship and subsidy, authenticity and ownership, and the connections between moral and aesthetic values and evaluative judgments. The collection is not only unique, but timely. It appears in a period when the National Endowment for the Arts is under fire and the government’s role in the arts is a hotly debated political issue, when the connection between moral or political content in art and its aesthetic value remains at the forefront of debate in aesthetics, and when ownership and commercialization of artworks continue to exercise the sociology of art.

    Introduction; Part 1 Censorship; Chapter 1 Art and Censorship, Richard Serra; Chapter 2 Protected Space: Politics, Censorship, and the Arts, Mary Devereawc; Chapter 3 Aesthetic Censorship: Censoring Art for Art’s Sake, Richard Shusterman; Part 2 Creations and Re-Creations; Chapter 4 Art and Inauthenticity, W.E. Kennick; Chapter 5 Forging Issues from Forged Art, L.B. Cebik; Chapter 6 No Dance Is a Fake, Kenton Harris; Part 3 Artistic Property; Chapter 7 Why Artworks Have No Right to Have Rights, Francis Sparshott; Chapter 8 A Defense of Colorization, James O. Young; Chapter 9 Worldmaking: Property Rights in Aesthetic Creations, Peter H. Karlen; Part 4 The Sponsorship of Art; Chapter 10 Can Government Funding of the Arts Be Justified Theoretically?, Noël Carroll; Chapter 11 Not with My Tax Money: The Problem of Justifying Government Subsidies, Joel Feinberg; Chapter 12 Should the Government Subsidize the Arts?, Ernest van den Haag; Chapter 13 The Politics of Culture: Art in a Free Society, Gordon Graham; Part 5 Aesthetic Values and Moral Values; Chapter 14 Serious Problems, Serious Values: Are There Aesthetic Dilemmas?, Marcia Muelder Eaton; Chapter 15 Taste and the Moral Sense, Marcia Cavell; Chapter 16 The Inter-relationship of Moral and Aesthetic Excellence, Ron Bontekoe, Jamie Crooks;


    David E. Fenner