1st Edition

Ethics in General Practice A Practical Handbook for Personal Development

By Anne Orme-Smith, John Spicer Copyright 2001

    A working understanding of medical ethics is becoming ever more important to all practising doctors. There are many ethical issues which present, often unexpectedly, to healthcare professionals which can seem impossible to resolve. This is an introductory text for everyday general practice. Key issues and relevant legal aspects are illustrated with examples and case histories, and the book is structured so particular topics can be found with ease. For added benefit, chapters have pointers for further reflection and analysis, references to journal articles and useful reading lists. The book can be used as a resource for group discussion or by individual general practitioners including GP registrars and their trainers.

    Learning about ethics: why is it important? Professional duties: 'Trust me, I'm a doctor'. Confidentiality: 'Your secret is safe with me'. Screening in primary care: Whose risk is it anyway? Matters of the mind. The elements of consent: Information and understanding. Fertility: Making babies - the have and have nots. Children: 'When will I be old enough'. A good death: ethics an humanity at the end of life. Resource allocation: needs and wants. Looking forward: the advance of ethics in general practice. Appendix One: The Hippocratic Oath. Appendix Two: A modern Hipprocratic Oath. Appendix Three: Duties of the doctor. Appendix Four: The Human Rights Act 1998. Glossary. Further reading.


    Anne Orme-Smith, John Spicer