1st Edition

Ethics in Quality

By August B. Mundel Copyright 1991

    This book poses essential questions on ethical quality and regarding the best action to take when dealing with a company, which has adopted a course of action that may lead it to act in an irresponsible manner. It is intended for quality engineers and product liability attorneys.

    1. Ethics, Quality, and Product Liability 2. Engineering Ethics 3. Differences Between Professions 4. Ethical Questions in Product and Service Industries 5. Ethical Problems in Engineering, Private Practice, and Corporate Employment 6. History of Ethics and Problems 7. Product Liability and Ethical Considerations 8. Ethics and Free Speech 9. Whistleblowing 10. Loyalty, Ethics, and Job Hopping 11. Design Ethics and Codes of Practice 12. Ethics of Quality Control 13. Ethics in Business 14. Ethics, Standards, Quality, and General Subjects