1st Edition

Ethics of the Use of Human Subjects in Research (Practical Guide)

    136 Pages
    by Garland Science

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    Media headlines about research misconduct in American Universities have focused public attention on the dramatic ethical problems that can arise during the conductof research. In the current atmosphere of accountability, scientific research on humans is now under increased scrutiny by the media, Congress and the public. Ethics of the Use of Human Subjects in Research fills the need for learning materials and strategies providing support for training programs related to the ethics of the use of human subjects in research. It presents a practical introduction to the ethical issues at stake in the conduct of research with human subjects. Beginning with a chapter on research ethics, a total of 10 chapters range in scope from the deveolopment of a protocol for ethical decision making to how to obtain IRB approval, with an emphasis on ethical factors underpinning the IRB process.

    1. Introduction to Research Ethics

    2. Development of a Protocol for Ethical Decision

    Making 3. Current Federal Regulations, DHHS, and FDA

    4. Informed Consent 5. Institutional Review Boards

    6. Conflict of Interest 7. The Use of Decisionally Impaired

    in Research 8. The Use of Children in Research 9. The

    Use of Prisoners in Research 10. Process of Obtaining

    Approval of the Use of Human Subjects in Research


    Adil Shamoo (Author) , Felix A. Khin-Maung-Gyi (Author)