1st Edition

Ethiopian Itineraries circa 1400-1524 Including those Collected by Alessandro Zorzi at Venice in the Years 1519-24

Edited By O.G.S. Crawford Copyright 1991

    Zorzi's Italian text with translation by C. A. Ralegh Radford. Includes a gazetteer for Fra Mauro's map. This is a new print-on-demand hardback edition of the volume first published in 1958.

    Contents: Foreword; Bibliography; Remarks About the Itineraries: Background of Ethiopia; Iter F, from Jerusalem, circa AD 1400; Iter S, from Cairo to Barara AD 1482; Zorzi's Iter I, from Axum to Cairo (anonymous); Zorzi's Iter II, from Barara to Jerusalem (Brother Zorgi); Zorzi's Iter III, from Barara to Cairo (Brother Raphael); Zorzi's Iter IV, from Ugie and Barara to Mount Sinai and Jerusalem (Brother Thomas of Ganget); The evidence of Brother Antonio of Urvuar and other matters; The evidence of Brother Thomas of Barara. The Zorzi Itineraries, with English translation by C.A. Ralegh Radford: Synopsis; Appendices; Index.



    O.G.S. Crawford