1st Edition

Ethiopians in an Age of Migration Scattered lives beyond borders

Edited By Fassil Demissie Copyright 2017
    194 Pages
    by Routledge

    194 Pages
    by Routledge

    The migration of Ethiopians across international borders is a recent phenomenon because of the limited integration of the country and society to the global economy. Since it was never colonized – aside from the Italian occupation of 1936-1941 – Ethiopia’s economy and society were not directly impacted by the ebb and flow of the global economy, and thus never generated international migration. Beginning in the 1970s, due to factors such as famine, rural poverty, civil war, and political repression, an unprecedented number of Ethiopian migrants began to leave their country in search of better, more secure lives. Today, this diaspora constitutes a distinctive community dispersed across the world, but bound by a common feeling of collectiveness and a shared history of the homeland.

    The contributors to this volume draw their work from a wide variety of interdisciplinary fields and provide new critical insight on Ethiopian migrants and their diaspora communities. What has emerged from these scholarly works is the recognition that the Ethiopian diaspora – although separated by oceans and nations, by politics, ethnicity, class, gender and age – are carving out a social and material world born out of their particular circumstances both "here" and "there". This book was originally published as a special issue of African and Black Diaspora: An International Journal.

    Living Across Worlds and Oceans: An Introduction Fassil Demissie

    1. Emigrants and the State in Ethiopia: Transnationalism and the challenges of political antagonism Solomon M. Gofie

    2. Somewhere Else: Social Connection and Dislocation of the Ethiopian Migrants in Johannesburg, South Africa Tanya Zack and Yordanos Seifu Estifanos

    3. Trafficking Ethiopian Women to Europe: Making Choices, Taking Risks, Coercion and Fraud Anne Kubai

    4. Determinants of Diaspora Policy Engagement of Ethiopians in the Netherlands Katie Kuschminder and Melissa Siegel

    5. Ethiopian Taxicab Drivers: Forming an occupational niche in the U.S. Capital Elizabeth Chacko

    6. Ethiopian Female Labor Migration to the Gulf States: The Case of Kuwait Faiz Omar Mohammad Jamie and Anwar Hassan Tsega

    7. "Deported before Experiencing the Good Sides of Migration" : Ethiopians Returning from Saudi Arabia Marina de Regt and Medareshaw Tafesse

    8. The Return Migration Experiences of Ethiopian Women Trafficked to Bahrain Adamnesh Atnafu and Margaret E. Adamek

    9. Migration, Gender and Mobility: Ethiopian Women’s Narratives of Career Trajectories in Israel Yarden Fanta-Vagenshtein and and Lisa Anteby-Yemini

    10. Bole to Harlem via Tel Aviv: Networks of Ethiopia’s Musical Diaspora Ilana Webster-Kogen

    11. No Place Like Home: "Experiences of Ethiopian Migrants in the Host Country and as Returnee to the Homeland" Adamnesh Atnafu and Margaret E. Adamek


    Fassil Demissie is a faculty member in the Department of Public Policy at DePaul University, Chicago, USA. He is the co-editor of African and Black Diaspora: An International Journal.