1st Edition

Ethnic and Multicultural Drug Abuse Perspectives on Current Research

By William Liu, Joseph Trimble Copyright 1993
    408 Pages
    by Routledge

    375 Pages
    by Routledge

    Here in one volume is a compilation of cutting-edge research in the field of drug abuse research with specific ethnic-minority groups. This book suggests effective ways to conduct research and enhance research opportunities with such groups. Ethnic and Multicultural Drug Abuse includes summaries of ethnic-minority drug abuse literature and identifies knowledge gaps, highlighting areas in need of more research. The authors, most from African-American, American Indian, Asian Pacific-American, or Hispanic backgrounds, discuss topics related to the research development process, report research findings, and make research recommendations for African-Americans. They cover drug abuse research issues existing mainly among Asian Pacific-Americans and Hispanics and drug use patterns among a sample of American Indian youth and Alaskan youth. Throughout the book, informative chapters

    • present guidelines for preparing competitive research proposals
    • focus on studies of the major ethnic-minority groups
    • examine adolescents and the homeless
    • discuss theory and development
    • provide extensive bibliographies for continuing research and study

      An excellent guide for facilitating the organization of a drug abuse research project emphasizing ethnic-minority issues, this much-needed book is a welcome resource for all professionals coping with the on-going struggle against drug abuse. It is a state-of-the-art book, full of helpful, practical information for counselors, researchers in the fields of mental health, drugs, and alcohol, and policy planners and administrators in the substance abuse field. Not only a guide and inspiration to persons contemplating a career in drug abuse research, Ethnic and Multicultural Drug Use serves as a useful training tool to assist in educating prospective drug abuse researchers at the graduate and upper level undergraduate levels.

    Contents Foreword
    • Developing a Competitive Research Proposal
    • Alcohol and Drug Use Among American Minorities
    • Methodological Issues in Conducting Substance Abuse Research on Ethnic Minority Populations
    • Psychosocial Predictors of Substance Use Among Urban Black Male Adolescents
    • Illicit Drug and Alcohol Use Among Homeless Black Adults in Shelters
    • ┬áCultural Sensitivity in Drug Treatment Research With Black Males
    • Research on Drug Abuse Among Asian Pacific Americans
    • Hispanic Substance Use: Problems in Epidemiology
    • Behavioral and Psychological Profiles of Cocaine Users Upon Treatment Entry: Ethnic Comparisons
    • A Structural Equation Model of Factors Related to Substance Use Among American Indian Adolescents
    • Ethnicity and Drug-Taking Behavior
    • Planning Programs for Prevention of Deviant Behavior: A Psychosocial Model
    • Overview of Selected Federal Efforts to Encourage Minority Drug Abuse Research and Researchers
    • ┬áReference Notes Included
    • Index


    Liu, William; Trimble, Joseph