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Ethnicity and Identity

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Land and Territoriality

Land and Territoriality

1st Edition

Edited By Michael Saltman
March 01, 2002

In the past, territorial conflict usually involved major powers seeking hegemony over strategic spaces and resources. More recently, however, the decline of opposing global power blocs has elevated ethnicity to a prime cause of conflict over land. This book considers the multiple roles ethnicity ...

Reimagining Culture Histories, Identities and the Gaelic Renaissance

Reimagining Culture: Histories, Identities and the Gaelic Renaissance

1st Edition

By Sharon Macdonald
November 01, 1997

Since the 1960s, policies to 'revive' minority cultures and languages have flourished. But what does it mean to have a 'cultural identity'? And are minorities as deeply attached to their languages and traditions as revival policies suppose? This book is a sophisticated analysis of responses to the ...

Migrants of Identity Perceptions of 'Home' in a World of Movement

Migrants of Identity: Perceptions of 'Home' in a World of Movement

1st Edition

Edited By Andrew Dawson, Nigel Rapport
September 01, 1998

Global movement is commonly characterized as one of the quintessential experiences of our age. Market forces, territorial conflicts and environmental changes uproot an increasing number of people, while mass communication, travel, tourism, and a global market of commodities, texts, tastes, fashions...

Contesting Art Art, Politics and Identity in the Modern World

Contesting Art: Art, Politics and Identity in the Modern World

1st Edition

Edited By Jeremy MacClancy
September 01, 1997

Art is a major political weapon of our times. Today, peoples around the world use art to boost their own identity and to attack the ways others represent them. At a time of increasing intercultural exchange, art has become a primary means through which groups reinforce their challenged sense of ...

Tourists and Tourism Identifying with People and Places

Tourists and Tourism: Identifying with People and Places

1st Edition

Edited By Simone Abram, Don Macleod, Jackie D. Waldren
June 01, 1997

The fact that tourism is a major global industry forecast to continue its dramatic growth well into the twenty-first century is often cited as a rationale for its analysis. However, while the connection between individual locations and the world's global markets is an obvious product of tourism, ...

Inside European Identities Ethnography in Western Europe

Inside European Identities: Ethnography in Western Europe

1st Edition

Edited By Sharon Macdonald
January 01, 1993

Following recent events in Eastern Europe, questions surrounding European identity seem more pressing than ever. This volume explores, through a series of ethnographic case studies, the construction and experience of identities in Western Europe. All of the case studies are based on fieldwork, and ...

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