432 Pages 7 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    432 Pages 7 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    In recent years, the literature on the topic of ethnic and racial issues in Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias has increased dramatically. At the same time, the need for cultural competence in all of geriatric care, including dementia care, is increasingly being acknowledged. Dementia is a large societal problem affecting all communities, regardless of race or ethnicity, and understanding dementia for specific groups is tremendously important for both clinical knowledge and for health planning as a nation.

    This third edition of Ethnicity and the Dementias offers invaluable background information in this area, while also examining how those suffering from dementia and their family members respond or adapt to the challenges that follow. Thoroughly updated and revised throughout, the book features contributions from leading clinicians and researchers in the field, with particular attention given to genetic and cultural factors related to dementia, effective prevention and treatment strategies, and issues in caregiving and family support. Chapters offer specific recommendations for dementia care in eleven ethnic/racial groups, as well as suggestions for working effectively with LGBTQ families.

    Providing a truly comprehensive resource on ethnicity and dementia, and including reflections on emerging trends and the future of caregiving, this new edition is ideal reading for clinicians, educators, researchers, policy makers, and families, in search of the most current ethnogeriatric findings.

    BACKGROUND 1. Incidence and Prevalence of Dementia in U.S. Race and Ethnic Populations Kala M. Mehta & Gwen Yeo 2. Risk Factors for Dementia Among Race and Ethnic Populations Gwen Yeo & Kala M. Mehta ASSESSMENT 3. Assessment of Cognitive Impairment, Alzheimer’s Disease, and Other Forms of Dementia J. Wesson Ashford, Frederick A. Schmitt, Carr J. Smith, Vinod Kumar, and Nusha Askari 4. Dementia Assessment in African Americans Rita Hargrave 5. Dementia Assessment in American Indians Lori L. Jervis, C. Munro Cullum, Derrell Cox, & Spero M. Manson 6. Dementia Assessment in Asian Americans Cecilia S. Han & Steven Z. Chao 7. Dementia Assessment in Latino Americans Philip Sayegh, Cynthia M. Funes, & Paola Suarez WORKING WITH FAMILIES IN DEMENTIA CARE 8. Treatment and Management of Dementia in the Context of Family Care Erin Cassidy-Eagle, Rita Ghatak, Laura B. Dunn, & Marina Martin 9. Working with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Families David W. Coon & Melen R. McBride 10. Working with African American Families Peggye Dilworth-Anderson & Heehyul Moon 11. Working with American Indian and Alaska Native Families Jan Dougherty, Jordan P. Lewis, & Nicole Lomay ASIAN AMERICAN 12. Working with Asian Indian and South Asian American Families Sadhna Diwan, Vineeta Singh, Neelum T. Aggarwal, & Kala M. Mehta 13. Working with Chinese American Families Fei Sun & David W. Coon 14. Working with Filipino American Families Melen R. McBride 15. Working with Hmong American Families Linda A. Gerdner 16. Working with Japanese American Families Nancy Hikoyeda, Michiko Inaba, & Lauren Okamoto 17. Working with Korean American Families Banghwa Lee Casado, Sang E. Lee, & Michin Hong 18. Working with Vietnamese American Families Van My Ta Park, Carolee GiaoUyen Tran, Oanh Le Meyer, Quyen Ngoc Vuong, Jane Nha Uyen Tran, & Ladson Hinton LATINO AMERICAN 19. Working with Cuban American Families Trinidad Argüelles & Soledad Argüelles-Borge 20. Working with Mexican American Families Ann Choryan Bilbrey, Jacqueline L. Angel, Marika Blair Humber, Lakshmi Chennapragada, Iliana Garcia Ruiz, Bruno Kajiyama, and Dolores Gallagher -Thompson FUTURE RECOMMENDATIONS 21. Future Directions and Recommendations Dolores Gallagher-Thompson, Linda A. Gerdner, & Gwen Yeo


    Gwen Yeo, PhD, was Founding Director of the Stanford Geriatric Education Center, Stanford University School of Medicine, where she helped develop the field of ethnogeriatrics. A major focus of her publications has been dementia and ethnicity.

    Linda A. Gerdner PhD, RN, FAAN, is a published author and a former ethnogeriatric specialist at the Stanford Geriatric Education Center. She has visited Hmong villages in Laos and authored three books on Hmong Americans.

    Dolores Gallagher-Thompson, PhD, is Professor Emerita at Stanford University School of Medicine. She is board-certified in geropsychology, specializing in treatment of late-life depression and anxiety disorders. She works with persons with dementia and family caregivers.


    "Ethnicity and the Dementias is an important resource for anyone in the field of aging. Everyone should be concerned about how best to meet the diverse needs of an aging population affected by the largest public health epidemic. This book provides invaluable insight into perceptions of dementia and effective caregiving strategies."
    Edie Yau, Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Alzheimer's Association, Northern California and Northern Nevada 

    Cultural aspects of the dementias are significant in shaping our beliefs, attitudes, health care decisions and behaviors. Readers across a range of disciplinary backgrounds will gain an appreciation for the influences of ethnicity and culture on the experiences of persons with dementia and their families. This timely revision of Ethnicity and the Dementias is a valuable guide to assessment, diagnosis, and care for professionals working in practice, academic, and policy settings.

    Ann M. Steffen, PhD, ABPP, Professor of Psychological Sciences, University of Missouri-St. Louis

    "The outstanding 3rd edition of Ethnicity and the Dementias is essential reading for clinicians and researchers whose work is focused on culturally diverse older adults with dementia and their family caregivers."
    Ladson Hinton, MD, Professor and Director of Geriatric Psychiatry, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, University of California, Davis