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The books in this series focus on the dynamics and interactions of significant minority and majority nationalisms in the context of globalisation and their social, political and economic causes and consequences. Each book is focused on an important topic drawn from the rigorously peer-reviewed articles published in Ethnopolitics and includes authoritative theoretical reflection and empirical analysis by some of the most widely recognized experts in the world.

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Revisiting the “Ripeness” Debate

Revisiting the “Ripeness” Debate

1st Edition

Edited By Tetsuro Iji, Siniša Vuković
May 27, 2024

This book takes stock of the accumulated body of literature on ripeness theory, inspired by the seminal work of I. William Zartman. The book posits the continued relevance of the ripeness theory, well into the 21st century, and sheds new light on the potential for further development. The timing of...

Diasporas and Transportation of Homeland Conflicts Inter-group Dynamics and Host Country Responses

Diasporas and Transportation of Homeland Conflicts: Inter-group Dynamics and Host Country Responses

1st Edition

Edited By Élise Féron, Bahar Baser
May 07, 2024

This book explores the transformation and reinvention of conflict-generated diaspora groups’ politics in countries of residence. Numerous narratives link diasporas and conflicts: diasporas are seen alternatively as peace wreckers or peace makers, as products of forced migration related to conflicts...

Poland's Kin-State Policies Opportunities and Challenges

Poland's Kin-State Policies: Opportunities and Challenges

1st Edition

Edited By Andreea Udrea, David Smith, Karl Cordell
September 25, 2023

The increased engagement of states with their co-ethnics abroad has recently become one of the most contentious features of European politics. Until recently, the issue has been discussed predominantly within the paradigm of international security; yet a review of the broader European picture shows...

A Century of Kurdish Politics Citizenship, Statehood and Diplomacy

A Century of Kurdish Politics: Citizenship, Statehood and Diplomacy

1st Edition

Edited By Güneş Murat Tezcür
April 08, 2019

The Kurdish question remains one of the most important and complicated issues in ethnic politics in contemporary times, with the Kurds being one of the largest ethnic groups in the world without a state of their own. This comprehensive volume brings together a group of distinguished scholars to ...

Migrating Borders Territorial Rescaling and Citizenship Realignment in Europe

Migrating Borders: Territorial Rescaling and Citizenship Realignment in Europe

1st Edition

Edited By Jean-Thomas Arrighi, Dejan Stjepanović
November 06, 2019

Migrating Borders explores the relationship between territory and citizenship at a time when the very boundaries of the political community come into question. Made up of an interdisciplinary team of social scientists, the book provides new answers to the age-old ‘question of nationalities’ as it...

Stabilization as the New Normal in International Interventions Low Expectations?

Stabilization as the New Normal in International Interventions: Low Expectations?

1st Edition

Edited By Roberto Belloni, Francesco N. Moro
February 25, 2020

Stabilization as the New Normal in International Interventions provides the first comprehensive analysis of stabilization, which constitutes the new reference point for international intervention in unruly parts of the Global South. The notion of ‘stabilization’ and the practice of ‘stability ...

The Politics of International Interaction with de facto States Conceptualising Engagement without Recognition

The Politics of International Interaction with de facto States: Conceptualising Engagement without Recognition

1st Edition

Edited By Eiki Berg, James Ker-Lindsay
November 26, 2018

This comprehensive volume is the first systematic effort to explore the ways in which recognised states and international organisations interact with secessionist ‘de facto states’, while maintaining the position that they are not regarded as independent sovereign actors in the international system...

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict The politics of stalemate

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: The politics of stalemate

1st Edition

Edited By Karl Cordell, Brendan O'Leary, Stefan Wolff
January 14, 2019

The conflict between Israel and the Palestinians is one of the longest unresolved conflicts of modern times. It has brought about the early and violent deaths of tens of thousands of people, and blighted the lives of millions more. It is symbiotically linked to the wider crises that continue to ...

Ethnic Politics and Conflict/Violence State of the Field and New Directions

Ethnic Politics and Conflict/Violence: State of the Field and New Directions

1st Edition

Edited By Erika Forsberg, Jóhanna K. Birnir, Christian Davenport
August 24, 2017

Ethnicity is one of the most salient and enduring topics of social science, not least with regard to its potential link to political conflict/violence. Despite, or perhaps because of, the concept’s significant use, all too seldom has the field paused to consider the state of our knowledge. For ...

Uneven Citizenship: Minorities and Migrants in the Post-Yugoslav Space

Uneven Citizenship: Minorities and Migrants in the Post-Yugoslav Space

1st Edition

Edited By Gëzim Krasniqi, Dejan Stjepanović
July 22, 2015

This book focuses on the relations between citizenship and various manifestations of diversity, including, but not exclusively, ethnicity. Contributors address migrants and minorities in a novel and original way by adding the concept of ‘uneven citizenship’ to the debate surrounding the former ...

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