EuroDiversity  book cover
1st Edition


Edited By

George F. Simons

ISBN 9780877193814
Published August 19, 2002 by Routledge
384 Pages

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Book Description

How has cultural diversity affected the business climate of the growing European Union? What are European institutions and enterprises doing to manage it? In 'EuroDiversity,' Dr. Simons gathers issue-centered perspectives on how Europe's entwined past, present, and future have made it the most strikingly diverse part of the world and what this means for doing business there. 'EuroDiversity' provides:
* Insights into Europe's cultural challenges of globalization, diversity dilemmas, and opportunities
* Case studies, best practices, and resources for finding the common ground and developing the competence needed to succeed

'EuroDiversity' addresses how cultural diversity affects the business climate of the growing European Union and describes what European institutions and successful organizations are doing to manage it. The book's multinational team of authors gives us issue-centered perspectives on how Europe's entwined past, present and future have made it the most strikingly diverse part of the world and what this means for doing business there. They address Europe's cultural challenges of globalization and provide abundant insights into diversity dilemmas and opportunities. They point to the best practices and resources that will assist both European enterprises and those actively present in or trading with Europe to find the cultural common ground and competence they need to succeed.

Contributors: Arjen Bos, Marie-Thérèse Claes, Ph.D., Elena A. A. Garcea, Ph.D., Nigel Holden, Ph.D., Michael Stuber

Table of Contents

Foreword; Series Preface; Prologue and Acknowledgements; 1: Patchwork: the diversities of Europeans & their business impact; 2: The legacy of the past: How national and regional differences continue to affect trade, cooperation, politics and relationships; 3: Current cultural crises, fears, fantasies & foreseeable futures; 4: Making Diversity Pay: Creating marketable value added from difference; 5: Europe on-line: the "new" economy & virtual collaboration from a cultural perspective; 6: Corporate best practice: What some European organizations are doing well to manage culture & diversity; 7: The cross-cultural transfer of best practices: learning from European and American experiences of knowledge management; 8: A change of Corporate Identity: Ethics, Integrity & Sustainability in a continent with many faces; 9: Equal Opportunities for women and men in the European Union: The case of E-Quality in Belgium; 10: Who is the European? Prognosis & recommendations; References & Resources; Appendices: 1. Seminal EU documents on diversity, 2. EuroDiversity Glossary, 3. Council of Europe

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"George Simons and his authors have brought a great deal of sense to the dilemmas of diversity and have made a successful attempt to clarify the air, explain the differences, and to provide positive comparative insights. "EuroDiversity" offers the American reader (and I dare say, many European readers) keen insights into the complexity of diversity issues in the E.U. It also offers all diversity professionals some major considerations in regard to the wired world and knowledge management in facing diversity issues. This is a first rate thought provoking work! It is a basic primer and should be required reading in national and international and global organizations!" - David C. Wigglesworth, Ph.D., international/intercultural management and organization development consultant, President of D.C.W. Research Associates International

"I have quickly become captivated by this book. It has two audiences; here is a rejoinder for both. For Americans: If you have any business to do with Europeans, this book is a must-read for you. You'll learn something about yourself as well. For Europeans: This book provides a rich and practical blend of insights, grounded in historical analysis, into the fascinating challenges Europe is facing. The mix of expertise and national backgrounds of the authors makes for colourful reading. May this book find a wide audience of practitioners. It can contribute to creating the European understanding in organized life that we so badly need to make Europe a common home as well as a common marketplace." - Dr Gert Jan Hofstede, senior researcher, Mansholt Graduate School, Wageningen University, the Netherlands, Author of Exploring Cultures, Author of 'Exploring Cultures'

"Working for an American organisation in Europe with a multi-cultural workforce that brings together customers from throughout Europe and the Middle East on a weekly basis, I am only too familiar with the challenges - and the benefits - of diversity. At last! A book which addresses the sensitive issue of Europe's cultural baggage, as well as issues arising from changing workforce demographics, gender relations and the huge impact of these matters on European and global business." - Carolyn Metcalfe, Director, Learning Solutions, Management Centre Europe

"'EuroDiversity' is an excellent guide to understanding both the unity and the diversity of the new Europe, and is essential reading for anyone who wishes to be successful there, whether from within in Europe or from across the ocean. ...A must read for anyone needing to understand the new Europe.

Do not be fooled into seeing the new Europe as a homogenous region. 'EuroDiversity' provides an excellent overview of the diversity that permeates the region, and, if the authors" hopes are realized, this diversity will be a leading strength of Europe.

'EuroDiversity' is neither a travel guide nor an intercultural how-to guide. Rather, it is a comprehensive tool for understanding the complexity of the new Europe in a rigorous but approachable style. It is essential reading for anyone needing to understand the relationships between diversity in Europe and the economics, politics, society and culture of the region.

If you need to understand Europe and you have not been able to follow 'The Economist' regularly for the past decade, 'EuroDiversity' is the most important book you could read." - Paul Shay, President, AFS Intercultural Programs, Inc.