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Europa Economic Perspectives

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Europa Economic Perspectives

Providing in-depth analysis with a global reach, this series from Europa examines a wide range of contemporary economic issues from areas around the world. Intended to complement the Europa Regional Surveys of the World series, Europa Economic Perspectives will be a valuable resource for academics, students, researchers, policymakers, business people and anyone with an interest in current world economic affairs.

While the Europa World Year Book and its associated Regional Surveys inform on and analyse contemporary economic, political and social developments, the Editors considered the need for more in-depth volumes written and/or edited by specialists in their field, in order to delve into a country’s or a region’s particular economic situation, or to examine economic theories in the context of current global economic affairs. Volumes in the series are not constrained by any particular template, but may explore any aspect of a country’s recent economic issues in order to increase knowledge.


International Monetary Reform - John Williamson

The Economies of EU Small Member & Candidate States: Structure, Performance and Prospects - Lino Briguglio

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Unravelling The Persistence of Dollarization The Case of Georgia

Unravelling The Persistence of Dollarization: The Case of Georgia

1st Edition

By Ia Eradze
September 22, 2022

This volume engages with the roots, dimensions, and implications of foreign currency domination in states with a national currency. Referred to as unofficial dollarization in literature, this is a worldwide phenomenon among developing countries and has a long history. This monograph provides a ...

The Japanese Economy Strategies to Cope with a Shrinking and Ageing Population

The Japanese Economy: Strategies to Cope with a Shrinking and Ageing Population

1st Edition

By Randall Jones
May 24, 2022

Japan has many unique strengths, but it also faces numerous challenges, many of which are related to population ageing. Rapid demographic change is projected to reduce Japan’s population by one-quarter by 2060 while increasing the share of elderly people from 29% of the total population to 38%, ...

Deficit Politics in the United States Taxes, Spending and Fiscal Disconnect

Deficit Politics in the United States: Taxes, Spending and Fiscal Disconnect

1st Edition

By Dennis Ippolito
February 23, 2022

From the clashes between Federalists and Republicans in the 1790s until today, partisan battles over taxing, spending, and public debt have shaped American political development. These battles were formerly constrained by fiscal norms that mandated balanced budgets and low debt. In his Farewell ...

The Economic Crisis and its Aftermath in the Nordic and Baltic Countries Do As We Say and Not As We Do

The Economic Crisis and its Aftermath in the Nordic and Baltic Countries: Do As We Say and Not As We Do

1st Edition

By Hilmar Hilmarsson
November 23, 2020

The Nordic-Baltic region has become highly integrated. The Nordic countries have been successful in balancing competitiveness and economic growth with social inclusiveness, while the Baltic States have grown economically but remain vulnerable with weak social systems and highly unequal income ...

International Monetary Reform A Specific Set of Proposals

International Monetary Reform: A Specific Set of Proposals

1st Edition

By John Williamson
September 18, 2018

This volume is a contribution to the debates surrounding international monetary reform. The author examines and analyses the workings of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and suggests how the international monetary system could, through changes to the IMF, be reshaped and reformed.  ...

Small States and the European Union Economic Perspectives

Small States and the European Union: Economic Perspectives

1st Edition

Edited By Lino Briguglio
September 18, 2018

The Economies of European Union Small Member and Candidate States deals with the small states and candidate states of the EU, with a focus on their economic structure and performance, and the impact of EU membership (past, actual and potential) on the economy. The small states to be covered are ...

Advances in Geoeconomics

Advances in Geoeconomics

1st Edition

Edited By J Mark Munoz
March 13, 2017

While geopolitics has captured global attention, geoeconomics is the often hidden force that governs countries’ relationships. It is the economic psyche that shapes the new world order. Geoeconomics refers to the intersection of economic factors, relationships and conditions on global events. A ...

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