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Europa International Perspectives

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Providing in-depth analysis with a global reach, this series from Europa examines a wide range of contemporary political, economic, developmental and social issues in international perspective. Intended to complement the Europa Regional Surveys of the World series and The Europa Directory of International Organizations, Europa International Perspectives will be an invaluable resource for academics, students, researchers, policymakers, business people and anyone with an interest in current world affairs with an emphasis on international organizations and issues.

While The Europa World Year Book and its associated Europa Regional Surveys inform on and analyse contemporary economic, political and social developments, the Editors considered the need for more in-depth volumes written or edited by specialists in their field, in order to delve into particular regional situations. Volumes in the series are not constrained by any particular template, but may explore recent political, economic, regional and international relations, social, defence, or other issues in order to increase knowledge.

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Viral Sovereignty and the Political Economy of Pandemics What Explains How Countries Deal with Outbreaks?

Viral Sovereignty and the Political Economy of Pandemics: What Explains How Countries Deal with Outbreaks?

1st Edition


By Sophal Ear
November 29, 2021

Over the past few decades a number of emerging infectious diseases (EIDs) have disrupted societies throughout the world, including HIV, Ebola, H5N1 (or ‘avian flu’) and SARS, and of course the coronavirus (COVID-19) disease which spread worldwide to become a global pandemic. As well as EIDs, ...

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