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Europa Perspectives in Transitional Justice

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The Europa Perspectives in Transitional Justice series from Routledge, edited by Professor Tim Murithi, provides a platform for innovative research and analysis of concepts, strategies and approaches to dealing with the past in deeply divided societies worldwide. The series encourages multidisciplinary scholarship on issues relating to reconciliation and how it is enhanced by efforts to promote redress and achieve socio-economic justice. The series aims to provide an invaluable resource for academics, policymakers, peace practitioners, researchers and all those interested in issues relating to addressing the deep-seated divisions within countries and communities. It also aims to propose forward-looking recommendations on how to achieve societal transformation.

The series comprises individual and edited volumes which provide analysis of transitions taking place at the global, regional and country levels, as well as engaging with thematic issues in the broad field of transitional justice and reconciliation.

Tim Murithi is Extraordinary Professor of African Studies at the Centre for African Studies, University of the Free State, and also Head of the Justice and Reconciliation in Africa Programme at the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation in Cape Town, South Africa. He has more than 21 years of experience in the fields of peacebuilding, governance, international justice and security in Africa. He sits on editorial boards and advisory panels for the Journal of Peacebuilding and Development, African Journal of Conflict Resolution, the Africa Peace and Conflict Journal and the journal Peacebuilding. He is author and editor of eight books; in addition he has authored more than 75 journal articles, book chapters and policy papers.

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Elections, Violence and Transitional Justice in Africa

Elections, Violence and Transitional Justice in Africa

1st Edition

Edited By Elias Opongo, Tim Murithi
May 30, 2022

Elections in Africa are competitive in nature and can be manipulated by incumbents to extend and entrench their rule through changes to constitutions, intimidation of opponents, excess use of police force and, in some cases, assassinations of dissident voices. Ethnic cleavages are also exploited by...

In the Shadow of Transitional Justice Cross-national Perspectives on the Transformative Potential of Remembrance

In the Shadow of Transitional Justice: Cross-national Perspectives on the Transformative Potential of Remembrance

1st Edition

Edited By Guy Elcheroth, Neloufer de Mel
November 05, 2021

This volume bridges two different research fields and the current debates within them. On the one hand, the transitional justice literature has been shaken by powerful calls to make the doctrine and practice of justice more transformative. On the other hand, collective memory studies now tend to ...

Post-war Dilemmas of Sri Lanka Democracy and Reconciliation

Post-war Dilemmas of Sri Lanka: Democracy and Reconciliation

1st Edition

By S. I. Keethaponcalan
March 19, 2019

By investigating Sri Lanka as a case study, this book examines whether democracy, compared to authoritarianism, is conducive to post-war reconciliation. The research, founded on primary as well as secondary data, concludes that political systems have little to do with the success or failure of ...

South Africa's Struggle to Remember Contested Memories of Squatter Resistance in the Western Cape

South Africa's Struggle to Remember: Contested Memories of Squatter Resistance in the Western Cape

1st Edition

By Kim Wale
September 18, 2018

Transitional justice studies typically focuses on how nations remember, face and deal with histories of past violence. This book, however, shifts the frame from national discourses of transitional justice onto local memory actors who attempt to engage with these broader systems of ...

Truth, Justice and Reconciliation in Colombia Transitioning from Violence

Truth, Justice and Reconciliation in Colombia: Transitioning from Violence

1st Edition

Edited By Fabio Andres Diaz Pabon
April 30, 2018

The signing of the peace agreements between the FARC-EP and the Colombian Government in late November 2016 has generated new prospects for peace in Colombia, opening the possibility of redressing the harm inflicted on Colombians by Colombians. Talking about peace and transitional justice requires ...

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