2nd Edition

Europe 1780 - 1830

ISBN 9780582493926
Published March 20, 1989 by Routledge
492 Pages

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Book Description

Europe 1780--1830 rapidly established itself as a standard introduction to European history in the age of the French Revolution and its aftermath when it first appeared. Now for the first time the book has been fully revised, updated and expanded. The half-century covered constitutes one of the most complex, eventful and rapidly changing of any in Europe's history. It is a period whose emphasis on conflict and political crisis combines daring innovation with the stubborn persistence of many older attitudes and patterns of human behaviour. Professor Ford explores these tensions throughout; and he gives his readers a powerful sense of the extraordinary energy, in every aspect of human activity, that characterised the time.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction.  2. The Sources.  3. The Old Regime: Society and Culture.  4. The European State System.  5. Political Issues in the 1780s.  6. Upheaval in France.  7. The Revolution Beyond French Borders.  8. Bonaparte From Consul to Emperor.  9. Napoleon and the Nations of Europe.  10. The Dimensions of Violence.  11. The European State System After 1815.  12. Restoration Politics.  13. Philosophers, Scientists and Historians.  14. Society and Culture in 1830.  15. Conclusion

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