1st Edition

Europe and England in the Sixteenth Century

By T.A. Morris Copyright 1998
    376 Pages
    by Routledge

    376 Pages
    by Routledge

    This innovative textbook uniquely combines an integrated survey of European and English history in the sixteenth century. The book is structured in three parts: the Western european Environment, The Rise of the Great Monarchies and the Crisis of the Great Monarchies. It covers political, social, religious and economic history from the late Renaissance to Mary Stuart and Philip II. It recognises the amount of common belief and interest between the British Isles and Western Europe in the century of the Reformation and Counter-Reformation and indicates how events on one side of the Channel influenced those on the other side.
    Key Features:
    * colourful and informative biographical sketches of major figures
    * clearly structured genealogical charts, chronologies and full glossaries
    * surveys of changing historiograhical debates, including contemporary issues
    * documentary exercises related to examination questions
    * lavish illustrations including maps, tables, photographs and line drawings
    Drawing on many years of classroom experience, Terry Morris presents in a highly readable and concise format the essential elements of narrative and debate while also indicating routes to follow for deeper and more advanced study. The book will be essential reading for students of early modern history.

    Part 1: The Western European Environment, 1. The Sixteenth Century in Context 2. The Intellectual Context of the Sixteenth Century 3. The European reconnaissance 4.The First Generation of Religious Reform 5. Calvin and Calvinism 6.The Catholic Counter Reformation
    Part 2: The Rise of the Great Monarchies, 7. Spain 1469-1555: From Unification to World Power 8. England in the Reign of Henry VII 9. International Conflict 10. Henry VIII: The Ascendancy of Wolsey 11. The Henrician Reformation 12. France in the Reigns of Francis I and Henry II
    Part 3: The Crisis of the Great Monarchies, 13. Germany and the Holy Roman Empire in the Time of Charles V 15. The French Wars of Religion 16. The Revolt of the Netherlands 17. Spain Under Philip II 18. The England of Elizabeth: State, Church and Society 19. The England of Elizabeth: The Realm in Danger 20. Henry IV and the Recovery of France


    T.A. Morris

    'It is balanced, judicious and interpretative enough to deserve a wide readership, essentially at A Level but even for some aspects of a first-year university course.' - E.J.R. Boston, History