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European Association of Social Anthropologists

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Gendered Anthropology

Gendered Anthropology

1st Edition

Edited By Teresa del Valle
June 25, 1993

In the last three decades, a remarkable degree of progress has occurred in the study of gender within anthropology. Gendered Anthropology offers a thought-provoking, lively examination of current debates focusing on sex and gender, race, ethnicity, politics and economics and provides insights which...

Conceptualizing Society

Conceptualizing Society

1st Edition

Edited By Adam Kuper
May 16, 2014

First published in 1992. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company....

Fieldwork and Footnotes Studies in the History of European Anthropology

Fieldwork and Footnotes: Studies in the History of European Anthropology

1st Edition

Edited By Arturo Alvarez Roldan, Han Vermeulen
January 18, 1995

The history of anthropology has great relevance for current debates within the discipline, offering a foundation from which the professionalisation of anthropology can evolve. The authors explore key issues in the history of social and cultural anthropological approaches in Germany, Great Britain, ...

Natural Enemies People-Wildlife Conflicts in Anthropological Perspective

Natural Enemies: People-Wildlife Conflicts in Anthropological Perspective

1st Edition

Edited By John Knight
January 26, 2001

Wild animals raid crops, attack livestock, and sometimes threaten people. Conflicts with wildlife are widespread, assume a variety of forms, and elicit a range of human responses. Wildlife pests are frequently demonized and resisted by local communities while routinely 'controlled' by state ...

Other Histories

Other Histories

1st Edition

Edited By Kirsten Hastrup
November 17, 1992

The historization of anthropology has entailed a radically new view upon history and the nature of history. This collection of papers from the first conference of the newly formed European Association of Social Anthropologists demonstrate how ways of thinking about history are important features of...

The Ethnography of Moralities

The Ethnography of Moralities

1st Edition

Edited By Signe Howell
December 26, 1996

Focusing on the social construction of morality, The Ethnography of Moralities discusses a topic which is complex but central to the study and nature of anthropology. With the recent shift towards an interest in indigenous notions of self and personhood, questions pertaining to the moral and ...

Cross-Cultural Approaches to Adoption

Cross-Cultural Approaches to Adoption

1st Edition

Edited By Fiona Bowie
November 22, 2004

Adoption is currently subject to a great deal of media scrutiny. High-profile cases of international adoption via the internet and other unofficial routes, have drawn attention to the relative ease with which children can be obtained on the global circuit, and have brought about legislation which ...

Civil Society Challenging Western Models

Civil Society: Challenging Western Models

1st Edition

Edited By Elizabeth Dunn, Chris Hann
October 02, 1996

Between kinship ties on the one hand and the state on the other, human beings experience a diversity of social relationships and groupings which in modern western thought have come to be gathered under the label 'civil society'. A liberal-individualist model of civil society has become fashionable ...

Anthropological Perspectives on Local Development Knowledge and sentiments in conflict

Anthropological Perspectives on Local Development: Knowledge and sentiments in conflict

1st Edition

Edited By Simone Abram, Jacqueline Waldren
October 01, 1998

This collection examines the conflicts and realities of development at a local, empirical level. It provides a series of case studies which illuminate the attitudes and actions of all of those involved in local development schemes. The material is drawn from Southern and Eastern Europe, Asia and ...

Anthropology of Policy Perspectives on Governance and Power

Anthropology of Policy: Perspectives on Governance and Power

1st Edition

Edited By Cris Shore, Susan Wright
September 18, 1997

Arguing that policy has become an increasingly central concept and instrument in the organisation of contemporary societies and that it now impinges on all areas of life so that it is virtually impossible to ignore or escape its influence, this book argues that the study of policy leads straight ...

Constructing the Field Ethnographic Fieldwork in the Contemporary World

Constructing the Field: Ethnographic Fieldwork in the Contemporary World

1st Edition

Edited By Vered Amit
November 11, 1999

Ethnographic fieldwork is traditionally seen as what distinguishes social and cultural anthropology from the other social sciences. This collection responds to the inte nsifying scrutiny of fieldwork in recent years. It challenges the idea of the necessity for the total immersion of the ...

Dividends of Kinship Meanings and Uses of Social Relatedness

Dividends of Kinship: Meanings and Uses of Social Relatedness

1st Edition

Edited By Peter P. Schweitzer
April 26, 2000

This collection reaffirms the importance of kinship, and of studying kinship, within the framework of social anthropology.The contributors examine both the benefits and burdens of kinship across cultures and explore how 'relatedness' is inextricably linked with other concepts which define people's ...

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