1st Edition

European Foreign Policy Key Documents

Edited By Christopher Hill, Karen E. Smith Copyright 2000
    500 Pages
    by Routledge

    500 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book is the very first to collect together the key official documents tracing the development of European foreign policy from the end of the Second World War to the present day. It contains:
    *all important documents on European foreign policy from 1948 to the Kosovo crisis
    *material from major treaties such as The North Atlantic treaty, the treaty of Rome and the treaty of Amsterdam
    *European responses to major world events such as the Middle East peace process, the Falklands war and the Balkans crisis
    *detailed commentary and analysis of the documents providing a valuable political and historical context
    *many documents which are extremely difficult to obtain elsewhere.
    The unparalleled coverage makes this book an essential primary source for all those interested in European politics and International Relations.

    Preface Section 1 The beginnings 1/1 Treaty of Economic, Social and Cultural Collaboration and Collective Self-Defence between the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Belgium, France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands (The Brussels Treaty), Brussels, 17 March 1948 1/2 The North Atlantic Treaty, Washington DC, 4 April 1949 1/3 The Statute of the Council of Europe, 5 May 1949 1/4 The Schuman Declaration, 9 May 1950 1/5 Treaty Establishing the European Coal and Steel Community (Preamble), Paris, 18 April 1951 1/6 The European Defence Community Treaty, Paris, 27 May 1952 1/7 Draft Treaty embodying the Statute of the European Community, Adopted by the Ad Hoc Assembly in Strasbourg (European Political Community Treaty), 10 March 1953 1/8 Protocol Modifying and Completing the Brussels Treaty (Western European Union), Paris, 23 October 1954 1/9 Treaty Establishing the European Economic Community (Treaty of Rome), Rome, 25 March 1957 1/10 Draft Treaty for the Establishment of a European Political Union (Fouchet Plan I), 2 November 19611/11 Second Draft of the Treaty for the Establishment of a European Union (Fouchet Plan II), 18 January 1962 1/12 Treaty between the French Republic and the Federal Republic of Germany Concerning Franco-German Cooperation (The Elysée Treaty), Paris, 22 January 1963 1/13 Report on the Future Tasks of the Alliance (Harmel Report), Brussels, December 1967 Section 2 EPC/CFSP—institutional developments Section 3 The revival of the WEU and the evolution of a European security identity; The reactivation of the WEU; The Cold War ends; Section 4 Major policy developments 4(a) East—West and transatlantic relations; EPC and the CSCE; Afghanistan; Poland; Relations with Central and Eastern Europe; German unification; Relations with the Soviet Union/Russia; Transatlantic relations; 4(b) Middle East and Mediterranean; Middle East peace process; Terrorism: Libya and Syria, 1986; Iran-Iraq War; The Gulf War; Iraq; Algeria; The Euro-Mediterranean initiative; The war in the former Yugoslavia (a) Mediation; The war in the former Yugoslavia (b) Diplomatic Recognition; Albania; Kosovo; c) Europe’s Global Reach; Southern Africa; South Africa; The Great Lakes Region; Nigeria; Democracy and conflict resolution; The Falkland Islands War; Central America; ASEAN; Relations with Japan; Human rights; Appendix


    Christopher Hill, Karen E. Smith