1st Edition

European Integration and Disintegration Essays from the Next Generation of Europe's Thinkers

Edited By Nick Cohen, Ayana Dootalieva Copyright 2022
    236 Pages 10 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    236 Pages 10 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    European integration is an ambitious goal that attempts to reconcile grandiose visions for the future of Europe with complicated national attitudes toward unity. The added complexity of political crises, which have characterized the European project from its outset, makes the success of the European Union far from guaranteed. Today, European unity is once again at an existential crossroad, with internal and external challenges threatening its integration. This volume uniquely brings together the novel perspectives of Europe’s emergent generation of thinkers to analyze through interdisciplinary lenses these various disintegrative pressures. Students and scholars of Europe as well as those interested in the future of European cohesion will enjoy this volume, both for the interdisciplinary analysis it brings forth and for the window it provides into the thinking of Europe’s next generation of leaders.


    European Unity, From Crisis to Integration:

    Perspective from the Next Generation of Europe’s Thinkers

    Nick Cohen and Ayana Dootalieva

    Chapter 1:

    The Future of Europe’s Social Democratic Parties:

    Lessons from the Labour Party’s Social Contract Failure

    Adam Frick

    Chapter 2:

    State of Pandemic: Opportunity or Challenge for Far-Right Populist Parties?

    The Case of the Alternative für Deutschland Party

    Ali Cain

    Chapter 3:

    Decentralizing and Democratizing Identity Narratives through Regional Tourism:

    A Lesson from Catalonia

    Max Ferrer

    Chapter 4:

    The Birth of the Maastricht Generation:

    The Role of Young Hungarians in Defending European Democracy

    Floris Maria Rijssenbeek

    Chapter 5:

    Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

    RT’s Reporting on the European Union in Central and Eastern Europe

    Emma Flaherty

    Chapter 6:

    The New Ostpolitik:

    Nord Stream 2 and the Politics of German-Russian Relations

    Ruben L. Tjon-A-Meeuw

    Chapter 7:

    Will 27 Become One?

    The Linkage Between Europe’s Domestic and Foreign Politics and the Prospect of a Single EU Seat at the United Nations Security Council

    Faïz El Mamoune



    Nick Cohen is a historical researcher, currently at Schmidt Futures. He is also an advisor to the Wilson Center’s Cold War Archives Research Institute. A former Schepp Scholar, he holds an MA from Columbia University, where he studied transatlantic diplomatic history, and a BA from Carleton College in International Relations.

    Ayana Dootalieva is a lawyer at the Brussels Bar where she practices European and Belgian public and environmental law. She is trained in law and social sciences and holds degrees from Ghent University (Belgium) and Columbia University (NY, USA). Ayana is interested in the interplay between law, governance, and policy.