1st Edition

European Intellectual Property Law

By Terence Prime Copyright 2000

    This title was first published in 2000:  European Intellectual Property is a survey and discussion of the impact of the economic principles of the European Community, upon the legal regime for the protection of intellectual property rights within the Community and the laws of its Member States. Beginning with a discussion of the issues arising from the treaty itself and the efforts of both the European Court of Justice and the European Commission through the liberalization of licensing procedures to meet these specific issues, the survey goes on to consider the attempts to achieve harmonization of national laws in the fields of trade marks, patents, industrial design and the wider efforts to create Community wide intellectual property rights.

    Contents: Introduction; Intellectual property and the EC Treaty - the jurisprudence of the European Court; Intellectual property and the EC treaty licensing agreements and the European competition rules; Trade marks; The EC and the reform of the law affecting design protection; The EC and the reform of patents; The EC and the reform of law affecting copyright and neighboring rights; Conclusion; Table of cases.


    Prime, Terence