1st Edition

European National Identities Elements, Transitions, Conflicts

Edited By Roland Vogt Copyright 2014
    386 Pages
    by Routledge

    358 Pages
    by Routledge

    Making sense of the perplexing diversity of Europe is a challenging task. How compatible are national identities in Europe? What makes Europe European? What do Europeans have in common?

    European National Identities explores the diversity of European states, nations, and peoples. In doing so, the editors focus on the origins and elements of different national identities in Europe and different themes of national self-understanding. Each chapter contributes a unique view of national identities gravitating around myth, historical experiences and traumas, values, ethnic and linguistic differences, and religious fault lines.

    This work grounds European national identities within cultural, historical, and political dynamics, which makes the work approachable for many readers, including historians, sociologists, and political scientists. In addition, the editors illustrate that national identities continue to be a source of contention and a challenge to political developments, the demands of immigrants and minorities, and the dynamics of European integration. This book draws particular attention to identity shifts and conflicts within individual European countries.

    1 Introduction: Making Sense of European National Identities and Diversity
    Roland Vogt and Wayne Cristaudo
    2 Belgium: A Nation-State without a National Identity?
    Roland Vogt
    3 A Riven Nation: Old versus New Britain
    Wayne Cristaudo
    4 France: Between the Individual and the Universal
    Denis Meyer
    5 German National Identity: Moving beyond Guilt
    Roland Vogt and Chong Li
    6 Greek Identity: Between Hellenism and Europeanism
    Georgios Repousis and Andreas Leutzsch
    7 Italy: One Nation, Three Republics, and a Thousand Identities
    Waddick Doyle
    8 "The Chinese of Europe?" Dutch Identities on Trial
    Arie Amaya-Akkermans
    9 Poland: A Nation of the In-Between
    Krzysztof Sliwinski
    10 Portugal: A Future's Past between Land and Sea
    Andreas Leutzsch
    11 Russia's Nostalgic Present
    Laura Victoir
    12 Spain: One Country, Many Regional Identities
    Rocio Blasco-Garcia
    13 Sweden: Social Solitariness
    Kristina Tolinsson Ting
    14 Turkey as Borderland: Inside Europe, Outside, or In-Between?
    Jochen Walter
    15 From "Yugoslavism" to (Post-) Yugoslav Nationalisms: Understanding Yugoslav Identities
    aora'e Tomia
    16 Yugoslavs and Europeans: A Tale of Two Supranational Identities
    Aleksandar Pavkovia
    17 European Identities: Multiple Forms of a Contested Concept
    Roland Vogt


    Roland Vogt